Doc’s Corner And Another Exciting Installment Of “How Well Do You Know Your Comic Store?”

May 23, 2021 Uncategorized

     Even the most seasoned comic reader can miss that little something hiding in plain sight at your favorite Graham Crackers locations. Now, we’ve all missed that occasional issue or special cover, but I’m talking about missing that figure, back issue, or new title that you just completely didn’t know existed. Last time, we took a trip to the Downers Grove location to rediscover their huge selection of independant comics. This time we take a trip to Lakeview and their GIIIIINORMOUS!!! selection of 75 Cent Comic Books. And as many of you may know, I loooove me some inexpensive reading! It’s like being Indiana Jones and finding that old issue of Hulk that nobody carries in stock because frankly the storyline sucked but you need it to complete a run! Or discover a new old independant title from the 1980’s or 1990’s that no one has really heard of but you get to rediscover it! As always we hope this series proves that you could walk by something day and day and not be aware of it. 

Located at 3162 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657, Graham Crackers L:akeview store has a secret! While your average shopper walks the floor looking at back issues or the newest releases, they don’t suspect that just below their feet lies a cornacopia of inexpensive treasures! For those lucky enough to spot the unassuming door that seems to lead nowhere and are feeling adventurous, the antique staircase just behind the doorway leads down into a speakeasy like basement where the world of comics overflows! For this is the home of one of the largest collections of 75 cent comics in the world!

Now sure you can find literally tons of main line comics there (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc.), it is the twisted weird world of short-lived independant titles from the 80’s and 90’s that always grab my attention! With such titles as Permwoman, Dinosaur Mansion (featuring Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti?!), Captain Nauticus and the Ocean Force (from the National Maritime Center in Norfolk VA!), the Unbelievable Laundy Detergent Man (before it was cool to eat Tide Pods! … Just a joke! Kids, don’t eat Tide Pods!), Sidney Mellon’s Thunderskull!, Stormbringer, Starlight Squadron, Deviljack, and the list goes on and on!

Now sure, every Graham Crackers Comics shop has a good selection of 75 cent boxes for their customers, but when you see row after row, table after table, room after room filled to the brim with these budget gems it’s hard not to be overwhelmed! Don’t believe me, well I took the trouble of contacting Jake, Dan, and Pete over in Lakeview and asked them to take a few pictures to prove my point as well as sending me over a mixed selection of some of the comics you would find in their vast warehouse! See you there, just don’t touch my pile that is on the verge of tipping over, hah!