Jake’s Gag Bag #4

March 9, 2021 Articles, Jake's Gag Bag

It’s time for the greatest comic book humor blog (On Earth 2) Jake’s Gag Bag! The Graham Crackers Blog series were I talk about a moment in comics that was funny enough to stick out and continue to live in my brain. This time we’re going back to 2013. Dan Slott had rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way with Amazing Spider-man #700 and started his Superior Spider-man run  with a bang(Which a fantastic series and if you think otherwise you’re wrong, I’m looking at you Andy C. from our loop store).  Even though Doc Ock had switched brains with Peter Parker and had been living his life as Spider-man no one had really noticed any major changes to Peter’s personality. That is until our favorite Merc with a Mouth Wade Wilson had his first team-up with the new Superior Spider-man in Deadpool #10 by Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan with art by Mike Hawthorne & Val Staples.


Just when you thought regular ole Spider-man and Deadpool had some great comedy chemistry Posehn being a stand comic himself really shows us how fun Deadpool plays off super stern and serious characters. After realizing Spidey and Wade have the same target Deadpool forces himself into a team-up situation with Ock, which brings us to the moment that hit my funny bone.  Deadpool being Deadpool, asks Spider-man who he thinks his lamest villain one and unknowingly pokes the bear and says Spidey’s lamest villain is Doc Ock. He really gets in a few burns before Otto exclaims that Doc Ock was (was, because Peter “died” in Doc Ock’s body after the brain swapping happened) his greatest foe. To me  Deadpool unknowingly insult the very person he’s working with is fun because usually it’s Wade insulting someone to their face, and not only that but Doc Ock having such a fragile ego that even though he’s trying to trick people into thinking he’s Spider-man he still talks about what Doc Ock accomplished as villain.


Just in case that didn’t do it for you, there’s some other great comedy moments in this issue as the team-up goes on. As the two continue to take out the group of villains in their way Deadpool causes a scene that doesn’t just hinder their opponents but Spidey as well. Seeing Spider-man stuck to a building in a similar fashion to his usual villains he apprehends is also very fun, and a little bit of justice considering its Otto Octavius under Spidey’s skull! All of that and some toungue cheek humor poking fun at some classic phrases very familiar in the Spider-man mythos like “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot”.


There you have it folks, Gag Bag #4 is in the books as they say. If you dug what you read and haven’t read the issue you grab a copy at our site! Product Details: Deadpool #10 (2012) (grahamcrackers.com) Grab it for yourself or grab it for someone you love as much as Deadpool loves Spider-man!