Super Resolutions

December 29, 2020 Articles

Hello, Graham Crackers friends and family! Congratulations, you are just hours away from 2021! Now we can’t promise that it will be better or easier than 2020 (if our Chicago friends give us out in California a heads up that would be great… Lol) but you can say that you made it through a most challenging year and that alone is worth a celebration. So, to help end your year on hopefully a laugh the California branch has come up with what we think some of our favorite character’s resolutions would be.

Lois Lane: Don’t bring the office home with me

Buffy: Don’t date someone you might have to stake

Jessica Drew: Learn my ancestry


Barry Allen: Don’t mess with the timeline

Starfire: Learn a new language 😉

Loki: Be Worthy

Vampirella: Learn to work in a team

Saffron Chu (Chu): Eat with more interesting people

Barry Allen: Only mess with the timeline once

Bruce Wayne: Play catch with Damian

Billy Butcher: f(&@#* cuss less

Ash Ketchum (Pokemon): Act my age

Groot: I Am Groot

Barry Allen: Ok, maybe just be on time more



Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years!
Happy Holidays!

-Your Graham Crackers California Staff