Jake’s Gag Bag #2 Batman #5 (Rebirth Series)

September 23, 2020 Articles, Jake's Gag Bag, Managers

Time for the second issue of Jake’s Gag Bag, where I talk about a moment in a comic book that got a real laugh from me, and not one of those fake laughs you give to your boring cousin during the holidays and family gatherings. 2016 was a wild time for DC, they had just begun their soft reboot with Rebirth and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s long run on Batman had just concluded leaving big shoes to fill with the new jumping on point for the caped crusader. Tom King and David Finch stepped up to bat and introduced two new heroes to add the already crowded crime filled streets of Gotham with well Gotham and Gotham Girl. Turns out Gotham and Gotham Girl were saved by Batman as children and were inspired by him to one day become heroes themselves. Instead of money, ninja training, and lots of brooding they went with the super soldier route and volunteered to get super powers to help fight their war on crime. As all new vigilantes in Gotham tend to do, they butted heads with Batman, and eventually went crazy due to the Psycho Pirate tampering with their emotions, they went very, very, crazy and started doing the exact opposite thing they set out to do in the first place which was be a hero.

Alright now that the back story is all out of the way, here’s the funny stuff you were promised. In the final issue of the arc Batman finally has his plan set in motion to take on Gotham which involves Alfred dressing up Batman which, not sure why, but it really, really got me. Maybe I’m just such a big Alfred fan, maybe I just like a good pencil mustache and cowl combo, but kudos to Tom King because this is my favorite part from his run, which may sound like a dig and it is(curse you Tom King for making me believe Selena and Bruce would actually tie the knot). The use of Alfred here isn’t just for laughs, he’s meant as a distraction for Bruce to lay the smackdown on this super powered psycho, and just as Batman let’s Alfred know that he doesn’t have the keep the bluff going any longer he thanks god and prances away cause ya know, he’s not actually Batman which got a few more chuckles from me. I won’t spoil the ending for you if you haven’t read it yet but It is easily my favorite story from King’s run on the Caped Crusader so check out the issues at your local GCC or check em out on our site! If you don’t well…..