Yes! More Mutants! By Chris V.

October 15, 2019 Articles, Reviews

When it comes to Marvel my tastes tend to skew towards Thor, Cap, and you can inject Abnett & Lanning cosmic into my veins. One part of the Marvel universe I have stayed away from (including symbiotes, sorry, I just hate them) are the X-men. I’ve dabbled here and there, but largely could not get into them. Too many characters. Too muddied of a continuity. I’m still not sure what happened to the young versions of the X-men. Each new relaunch of the X-Men didn’t interest me to at least try out the first issue.

And then Johnathan Hickman happened.

If you haven’t read Hickman’s epic Marvel saga starting in Secret Warriors and ending with Secret Wars, you’re missing out. Stop reading this and go read literally hundreds of comics so you can understand the point of this article. Assuming you followed my instructions you now know that Hickman is a long-form writer, plotting out things years in advance. He can balance meaningful character moments and big cosmic action; but you know that since you already read Infinity and his Fantastic Four. Needless to say, I am a fan of Hickman’s work.
When Marvel announced that Hickman was taking control of the X titles I felt confused. On one hand, a writer I like is writing more stuff. On the other, that stuff is the X-Men. You can understand my conundrum. So, with begrudging excitement (if that even is a thing) I read House of X #1 and I was all in. Hickman, I am speaking directly to you. I hate you. I know I just said I am a fan but you have done the impossible: you made me a fan of the X-Men.

I get it now. These characters are cool as heck. The graphs and charts are excellent world-building tools! Your Mr. Sinister is the only one I’ll read. I am genuinely excited for an X-Men comic, more than that, six X-Men comics! Marauders is such a cool concept, I can’t wait to read it. Excalibur is back and I want to read that too?!

These are truly dark times. If DC isn’t going to publish Green Arrow again I have to spend my money somewhere.

Last thing, Logan the movie is better than Millar’s Old Man Logan, X-Men Legacy featuring Legion was very good and I did not enjoy the Dark Phoenix Saga. Don’t @ me.