Pikachu! A dive into the current scene of Pokémon! Commentary by Luis B.

August 11, 2019 Articles, Managers

Being a kid most of the things you liked your parents did not get, that went especially for Pokémon games, tv shows, clothes, toys, movies and especially the cards. I still hear parents say it is all Japanese to me. If you haven’t been around since the 90’s or are completely oblivious to what popular with kids and teens, Pokémon is still going strong.
Between the mobile game Pokémon Go, console games dropping regularly, and the TCG going strong the love for Pokémon has grown! It now spreads generations. I am excited as a new father that I can share my knowledge and excitement with my son and daughter, as I see other parents do in the store. They collect and play together and I find it so heartwarming that something like this can reach so many people, but with the fun also comes the collectability.

My store (Our Plainfield location) buys and sells Pokemon singles in case you didn’t know! So many of us in our 20’s and 30’s have our binders with the original set that released in 1999 (1996 if you have the Japanese cards). But there are so many of the cards out there the collectability just is not there. Charizard, Blastoise, and Venesuar holographic cards are the more sought after from the base set especially if they are marked with a 1st edition mark or the highly sought after Shadowless cards.

People even go out and get their cards graded and for cards of higher rarity that can mean a lot. It’s just like when you’re grading a comic, the more important or harder to find and the higher the grade can mean a boost in the value of your card. We recently bought a large collection of graded cards and so many of them had me high on excitement over all the different cards we got in! I included some pictures down below of some of the cooler cards we got in this collection. It is just so amazing to see how vast Pokémon has grown with a new card set literally coming out just last week!

All of this leads me back to my biggest point: That Pokemon has grown larger and larger since I was young and I do not see it going anywhere. If you are looking for something that is easy and fun to get into either with your kids or friends, Pokemon is the way to go! It is not going anywhere and it has proven that it can withstand time. With all that said we at the Plainfield location are looking into running  Pokémon events so keep your eye out for when we get that going! Gotta Catch ’em all!