Free Comic Book Day is almost here!

April 29, 2019 Articles, Events

Are you someone who likes free stuff? May 4th is your lucky day! If you didn’t know already, the first Saturday of May every year is Free Comic Book Day! On this day comic shops give out free comics. Really. No catch. Come into any one of your favorite Graham Crackers Comics locations and get free comics! With a selection of over 50 comics from various publishers there is something for everyone. Comics for your kids, your weird uncle, your neighbor, your frenemy.

Do you have a friend who doesn’t read comics and you’ve tried to get them too? Drag them to FCBD! For the price of $0.00 is there no better way to start reading comics. And while you’re in line for free stuff, browse the store! Buy that graphic novel you’ve been thinking about or that figure that stares you in the face every visit. Treat yo self! You’ve earned it. And be sure to get to your store early so you don’t miss out on FCBD exclusive items; like a PVC Symbiote Spider-Man statue or a POP! John Constantine. Unlike the comics, these exclusive goodies are not free and in limited supply!

Another great thing about FCBD is you get to meet other comic fans! Don’t be afraid to talk to them! After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met. Speaking of meeting people, some of our stores will be hosting cosplayers for you to say hi to and take photos with! If you can’t make it on May 4th, you can still get free comics every Wednesday! All you have to do is go to any GCC location and you get your choice of three free comics from our 50 cent boxes. And while you’re in the store, peruse the new comic releases! You don’t want to miss out on the great new comics released every Wednesday! We hope to see you on FCBD! And hopefully again after that. Because why should the joy of getting comics be limited to one day a year?