C2E2 Survival Tips with Rick B.

March 5, 2019 Articles, Events, Managers

C2E2 is almost upon us again. The best major comic con in the area. 17 days 20 hours and some change until the doors open as I type this. So yes by all means come into any Graham Crackers Comics location and buy your tickets now! Do it!!!!! Don’t wait for the last minute, get it done and out of the way. As someone that has been to every C2E2 and the last 20 or so Wizard Worlds (not to mention several Chicago Cons, a few Motor City Cons, some TFCons, a Dragon Con, and a bunch of Jamie-Cons) I have a semi-unique view of cons……

I hate them with a passion. Not my bag, cup of tea, insert your catch phrase here.
You don’t have to be like me if you follow a few tips:

Remember to wear comfy shoes. Even just standing in place all day can be painful.

Hydrate. Drink lots of fluids. Walking around, digging in comic bins, or carrying giant blind boxes is exercise if you do it for long enough.
Also bring your own food and beverage. It’s really expensive to eat at a con. And not very healthy usually.

Shower. You may not appreciate it but the folks trapped in their booths all day will.

Remember the buddy system. Don’t just wonder off. Tell you buddy where you are going.

Pay attention to your kids! It is not the job of the employee that is spending her day off working the show to watch your kids. Every year we have a missing kid wait at our booth. Or a kid that spills a drink in our booth. Or knocks stuff over in our booth. We smile and help but we are not their parents. You are.

If you are from out of town, contact your bank ahead of time. The number one time killer besides cosplayers trying to grab wallets with gloves on is the guy whose credit card was declined because he’s out of state and has to call his bank to confirm he wants to buy a Cracker Box.

Get your own schedule or map. Asking the bald guy behind the counter where Scott Snyder is signing is not ideal. Most likely that guy has not left the booth in 2 days and doesn’t even know Scott is at the show.

Take breaks. The show is overwhelming. Everything is designed to pull you in and grab your attention. We want you to come to our booth. So does everyone else. Take a break after you shop with us. Those other guys can wait.

Most of all just have fun, smile and be polite. You will have a great time!

Visit Rick (make SURE you say hello to him, specifically and that you did read his article!)

and the rest of the GCC Crew at C2E2! Booth Number 1129!