GCC Sketch Night! Every Wednesday with Rick!

December 11, 2018 Articles, Events

If one thing is true, it’s that criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot.

If two things are true, it’s that comic creators spend an inordinate amount of time alone chained to the desks where they create the things we all love so much. Sure you may see them out and about during one weekend at comic con but have you ever run into one at the park? or the beach?


                                   Nope, us either.





Are you one of them?  Do you have a dying need to create things no one has seen outside of your mind’s eye? Do you fear the light of day? Not because the day ball is bright but because your mind and body races along trying to figure out the best and coolest way to describe Ghost Rider’s brother eating cereal?

Can you simply not contain the genius stored in your fingertips long enough to seek out human contact?

Well, creative types be alone no more! At least for 1 night a week anyway.  Join us Wednesday nights from 6pm to 8pm in glorious scenic Wheaton! or at least our neatokeen backroom of innovation! Each and every Wednesday we unite to pencil, ink, and color or even write with our pioneering brethren. Bounce ideas off each other! Talk about how you haven’t seen the new season of the Smallville.  Learn that Smallville ended years ago as you are inspired by your new friends with ink stained fingers. Ask how to use perspective! Ask what perspective even is! Or don’t speak at all! We don’t care as long as you have fun!

At worst you will spend two hours learning just how superior your art skills are! At best you will spend two hours learning we can’t draw feet either!













Rick Berg –Conscience of the Graham Crackers!
The towering offspring of a Frost Giant and an Asgardian princess, Rick suffered through a wonderfully spoiled childhood full of action figures and comic books. When he came of age, he began his slow raise to power by working at the Naperville then Aurora then Bolingbrook then Wheaton then Naperville then Darien and finally Dekalb Graham Crackers. Sadly he was bitten by a troll with rabies on a trip to San Diego and lost the power to smile and to say no. Now after the Final Siege of Blackest Fear Point Secret Crisis War he was forced from barbed corn fed happiness to the land of tons of wheat and fuzzy beards. But beware as there is always someone in need of smiting with a vary large hammer and Rick has the most hammers of them all!