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November 13, 2018 Articles

Much like the characters that star in them, comics die only to triumphantly return. Some return a month or two after cancelation or fade away into obscurity. Be it low sales or to make way for a “things will never be the same” crossover, comics end no matter how much we tweet or tell our friends to read them. We can always count on there being a Batman or Amazing Spider-Man on the racks but here are ten titles that should be brought back to join them, in no particular order.

  1. Birds of Prey

With a movie in the works it makes sense to bring back DC’s premier female team. I’d love for Gail Simone to return, her original run perfectly blended humor, heart, and action. Perhaps, BoP can join the rest of DC’s team titles under the New Justice banner?


  1. Gotham Central

Brubaker. Rucka. Lark. That should be enough to sell you on the original series. A new series could bring us back to the gritty streets of Gotham following new threats and cops on the beat. Bendis could be a good fit as evidenced by Daredevil and Alias.


  1. Journey into Mystery

The title that gave us Thor needs a place on the racks again. Sure, Thor’s cast of characters have spun off into Asgardians of the Galaxy but I’d also like a fantasy centric series. This series could follow the adventures of Sif and the Warriors Three.

  1. Brave and the Bold

DC has some great C and D list characters who can’t support their own title, so why not stick them in B&B every month? This series could work as a proving ground for new up-and-coming talent who tackle one-and-done issues.


  1. Defenders

I’m talking about the original team, no disrespect to the Netflix Defenders. With a series of one-shots on the way, a Defenders on-going can’t be far behind. Marvel has brought back Avengers to the forefront with Invaders to follow, now’s the time for the Defenders to come back.

  1. Warlock & Infinity Watch

Once Infinity Wars is wrapped up and the dust has settled, maybe Adam Warlock can have an on-going again. Yes, Adam will be part of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s new Guardians of the Galaxy but when has that stopped Marvel from putting the same character in multiple books at once?


  1. Justice League International

Justice League is big action, JL Odyssey takes to the farthest reaches of space and JL Dark is all about magic. What this line-up could use a straight up comedy series. Despite being Marvel exclusive, Chip Zdarksy is my pick to take over the title.

  1. New Gods

Another one with a movie in the works, New Gods is pure Jack Kirby goodness. Tom King and Mitch Gerads just wrapped up a thought-provoking run on Mister Miracle, now it’s time to explore the rest of the Kirby’s creation.


  1. Marvel Team-Up

I could just copy/paste what I said for Brave & the Bold but as Deadpool said, “That’s just lazy writing.” Team-up titles are a great gateway into the larger world of comics, introducing you to a plethora of characters you might not read about otherwise.

  1. Eternals

Because of “rule of threes” this one is getting a movie too. Another Jack Kirby creation, Eternals have been benched for nearly a decade. Marvel tried making the Inhumans their next big thing, but it didn’t exactly take. Why not try with Eternals?


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Top Ten Series That Should be Revived by Chris Vittoe – Downers Grove

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