January 11, 2017 Events

Visit our LAKEVIEW locations COMIC VAULT (in the basement of the store) – to discover over 2,000 different GRAPHIC NOVELS on SALE for only $5 each!

Normally these trades and graphic novels are 1/2 priced in this special basement selection, but for 3 days only, you’ll be able to snatch trades as expensive as $49.99 for only $5 bucks!  Cover Price=$24.99, $16.99, $14.99, $34.99 – doesn’t matter – they’re only FIVE DOLLARS EACH!

Monstress TPB

We’ve spent the past 2 weeks expanding the selection of books and adding hundreds of new books for you to snatch at a steal of a price!

Plus, while you’re visiting this FINE LOCATION, you’ll be able dig through over 40,000 50 cent comics in our basement vault.   Chicagos LARGEST selection (by far) of 50 cent comics!  Comics that you’d normally find in back issues bins for $3, $5, heck even $10 or $15 – all for only 50 cents.   Bring a price guide with if you like, look up what you’re interested in – you’ll be amazed at how good of stuff gets mixed in there.   The only downside is the amount of time it takes to dig through that many comics, plus we’re ALWAYS adding more stock!

When you’ve got an 11 store chain – you end up with perfectly good newer comics, back issues and trades that you simply can’t fit or use that many of – so we’re forced to blow them out cheap to make room for next weeks arrivals!

We hope you can join us, for 3 days only – JANUARY 20th, 21st & 22nd at Graham Crackers Comics Lakeview  3162 North Broadway Street, Chicago, IL.  60657  (773) 665-2010