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120 N. Bolingbrook Dr.,  Bolingbrook, IL  60440
Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 12pm-7pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

STORE PHONE #  (630) 739-6810

After 13 years in BOLINGBROOK, as of APRIL 30th - Graham Crackers Comics of Bolingbrook is moving out of town.

Customers that frequented our BOLINGBROOK location can still pick up their books at either the NAPERVILLE or PLAINFIELD locations, both aprox. 15-20 minutes away.


We will be announcing the new locations address shortly - unfortunately it is not any closer than the NAPERVILLE or PLAINFIELD stores.

We appreciate your patronage at this location over the years, and hope we can continue to service your collecting needs through our other stores.

Feel free to e-mail all Bolingbrook related inquiries to:





Earl Geier - Manager
Earl Geier is the Manager!  Long time CHICAGO LOOP employee, Earl has decided to brave the dangerous suburbs and run the Bolingbrook store full time!   Earl's been reading books for almost as long as any of us, and with the exception of his misguided admiration of Carmine Infantino, you can trust what he recommends!


Dan O'Neil
Dan O'Neil is often confused with silver age great Denny O'Neil, a man that has written almost every character in comics today. However, that is not Dan.  Dan is his own man and stands on his own merits. Sadly, I do not know what those merits are as I've never met him.  Regardless, I'm sure all the Bolingbrook customers delight in that very knowledge I am lacking.

Bryan Koltz
Not to repeat Dan's profile from above, but Bryan Koltz reminds me of Kyle Hotz, the guy who is currently writing and drawing "Zombie: Simon Garth" for Marvel. I don't even know if Bryan likes zombies, but I'm guessing he does. I don't think Earl would have hired him if he didn't.


Craig Cermak
Craig has earned the nickname, "The Perfect Storm" for his quite, unassuming smile and they way he subtly draws you in without you even knowing he's hooked you.  And then, *BAM* you are at his retail mercy. Be happy for his benevolence otherwise you'd walk out of the store with every-freaking-book ever published from 1989 and up.  Craig doesn't have a particular fancy for the 1970's, but if he did, you'd own them, too.

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