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Releases for the Week of                
December 13th, 2006

Amazing Spider-Girl #3
Avengers Next #3
Blade #4
Bullets Points #2
Dark Tower Gunslinger sketchbook
Exiles Annual #1
Fantastic Four The End #3
Ghost Rider #6
Magician Apprentice #4
New X-Men #33
Ultimate X-Men #77
Wolverine #49
Wonder Man #1
X-23 Target X #1
X-23 Target X #1 Djurdjevic Incentive Cover
X-Factor #14
X-Men Phoenix Warsong #4

52 Week #32
Batman #660
DCU Infinite Christmas Special
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #32
Green Arrow #69
Green Lantern Corps #7
JLA Classified #30
Justice League of America #4
Justice League of America #4 Incentive Cover
Martian Manhunter #5
Omac #6
Robin #157
Spirit #1
Tales of the Unexpected #3
Trials of Shazam #4

100 Bullets #79
DMZ #14
Sandman Mystery Theater Sleep of Reason #1

Ex Machina #25
Gen 13 #3
Gen 13 #3 Incentive Cover
Stormwatch PHD #2
Stormwatch PHD #2 Incentive Cover
Wildstorm Fine Art Spotlight Jim Lee

24 Nightfall #2
Battle Pope #12
Blade of the Immortal #120
Damned #3
Delphine #1
Devi #6
Doomed #4
Dork Tower #35
Escapists #6
Fallen Angel #11
Fear Agent #9
Gargoyles #2
Girls #20
Hunter Killer #10
Interiorae #2
New Tales of Old Palomar #1
Outer Orbit #1
PS239 #19
Shojo Beat vol. 3 #1
Strange Girl #12
Street Fighter Legends Sakura #4 Dogan Cover
Street Fighter Legends Sakura #4 Lee Cover
Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation #3

Battle Angel Alita Last Order vol. 8
Crying Freeman vol. 4
Flame of Recca vol. 21
Fruits Basket vol. 15
Mail vol. 1

Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update
Frank Cho Women SC
Heroes Reborn Avengers
Marvel Masterworks Avengers vol. 6
New Teen Titans Terra Incognito
Punisher Max First to Last HC
Superman Greatest Stories Ever Told vol. 2
Supreme Power vol. 2 HC
Universe X vol. 1 (New Print)
Wolverine Origins & Endings SC

Alter Ego #63 Toth Issue
Doctor Who Special #14
Dreamwatch USA #27
Giant Robot #45
Mad #473
TV Zone #209
Video Watchdog #128
Write Now #14

Batman Strikes #28
Betty #161
Cartoon Network Action Pack #8
Marvel Adventures FF #19
Pals N Gals Double Digest #108
Sonic X #15

Annihilus Mini-Bust
Gladiator Mini-Bust
Hellboy Animated Statue
Marvel legends Face Off Series 2
Marvel Legends House of M Set

Wonder Woman Symbol Woman’s Size T-Shirt

 ...hanging a lantern on it...


graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and a mysteriously absent PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

W.Dal: Uh, hello? Anyone? I’m, um, really ready to go home. This green bubble is pretty slick and all, but I’ve, y’know, been in it for about a week now. And Heroes, right? They’re doing their Fall Finale? And I really don’t want to miss it. I mean, yeah, I’ve got my DVR, but that fills up with HD stuff real fast. And the last thing I want is for Friday Night Lights to get dropped if there’s no more room. Oh, and I don’t want to be a pain, or anything, but… there’s no food in this bubble. Or, a, uh, toilet. So, if anyone can—

Guy: Awright, Princess! Guy’s back! Quit your bawlin’! You can go to the prom with yer boyfriend. BWAH-HA-HA!

W.Dal: Oh, right. Guy Gardner. You totally abducted me last week. I spaced on that. Hey… why? Why did you put me in a green bubble for a week? Aren’t you a good guy now? No, uh, pun intended.

Guy: ‘Cause ya had the nerve to rag on The Guy, ya dope! I drop in on your little shoebox of a store in Naperville, and what do I hear? You RAGGING on my new book! Who do you think you are?!

W.Dal: Jeez, man. I just didn’t think it was any good. I mean, we’ve already got your monthly adventures in Green Lantern Corps. Did we really need a * $6 * Prestige Format 2-parter? One that wasn’t even tied to current events? One written and drawn by a past-his-prime Howard Chaykin? What’s the point?

Guy: You are walking a real thin line, Suzie. What d’you even know about comics by men, for men? With your Mary Jane, Owly and all that Hello Kitty junk…

W.Dal: Hey, I like all sorts of stuff! Like this copy of Justice Society of America #1 you left in here.

Guy: Oh, that. Old One-Eye Alan keeps me on his comp list. Usually I just roll ‘em up and hit G’Nort on the nose to keep ‘im from humpin’ my leg, but I guess I misplaced that one. So, how was it? Not enough talkin’ about feelings or havin’ periods for ya?

W.Dal: No, I thought it was AMAZING. It was probably the best JSA comic I’d read yet, and I was a huge fan of Geoff Johns’ previous series. This was just as perfect a team comic as you’re likely to read.

Guy: Perfect? Get your head outta yer @$$, Mary! Any comic that has the nerve to call a non-Guy guy “Green Lantern” might as well just go right in the trash. It ain’t got what it takes to perfect!

W.Dal: Uh, alright. But while it doesn’t have you, it DOES have terrific characterization for previous ciphers like Hourman, Liberty Belle, Damage, and more, with awesome intros to Starman and Cyclone. And they’re intros that strike the perfect balance between telling you what you need to know to care about the characters, while not drowning you in useless exposition disguised as “internal narration”. Like in that boring Justice League book…

Guy: DO NOT get me started on that Meltzer hack! Red Tornado? RED #$%*ING TORNADO? I don’t see Red Tornado getting’ a 2-part series that’ll gouge people for $12! ‘Cause only Guy has the fanbase to pull it off!

W.Dal: “Gouge”?

Guy: Huh? I meant “reward”. Don’t fact-check me, Cupcake!

W.Dal: Anyway, this was ten times as much story as we’ve gotten in 3 issues that other Justice team book. And with double the characters! God bless Geoff Johns for managing to, within the constraints of a 4-part story, MAKE EACH PART ENJOYABLE. None of that “writing for the trade” nonsense here!

Guy: Yeah, I guess this thing ain’t half-bad. The pictures are good and that Power Girl is all woman! I better talk to Hal and Alan, get me a piece of that JLA/JSA team-up they got coming…

W.Dal: I almost forgot! That last page was just that extra dab of greatness that pushed it over the top for me. Fun teases of upcoming events like that JLA crossover, the return of Earth-2 Supes, Dawnstar from the classic Legion (YAY!) and what looked like an Alex Ross panel. I’m going to hazard a guess that he’ll be doing paints over Dale Eaglesham’s pencils for a 2007 Annual. Seems like a DC move.

Guy: So you loved your funny book, huh? And you got the nerve to cry to ol’ Guy about bein’ locked up for a measly week. Pansy.

W.Dal: Hey, don’t get me wrong. Justice Society #1 was the best book I’ve read in awhile. A real
10 Grahams of a comic. But DUDE. I want to go home!

Guy: Sorry, sweetheart! You ain’t getting’ out ‘til you realize how much better Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage was than the Bible!

W.Dal: You can’t make someone like a book that—


Guy: What th—

Aztek: That’s it, Guy! I’m shutting you down!

Guy: …the hell are you s’posed ta be?

Aztek: Seriously? I’m Aztek.

Guy: Like that SUV?

Aztek: NO, NOT LIKE THE SUV! I had the name way before that! I was on the JLA! I was in a book written by Grant Morrison AND Mark Millar! I was on the Justice League cartoon! Mattel made a toy out of me! I’M NOT AN SUV!

Guy: Yikes, awright, awright. What are you doin’ here, Aztek? And what in the hell did you smash through? Ain’t we in space?

Aztek: Dave Gibbons sent me to stop you from acting out of character, and it looks like I’m too late.

W.Dal: Yeah! He’s kept me locked in here for a week just for insulting his book!

Aztek: No, that’s still more or less in-character for Guy. It’s the “ain’t” and “s’posed ta” stuff. That’s way off. It’s actually more Lobo, than anything. So, I’m to drag you back to Gibbons so he can get your dialogue squared away.

Guy: NOOOOOOOOOO! Gibbons ain’t a writer! He’s an artist! I don’t wanna talk like some eunuch space cop! AH! I said “eunuch” instead of “nutless”! He’s already doing it! AH! I said “doing” instead of “doin’”! QUIT IT! I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!


Aztek: Well, I should go after him. You need a lift out of here?

W.Dal: Hey, thanks. If you can drop me off back on Earth, I’d appreciate it. Wait, what’d Guy “WOOSH” through? He was right, we’re in space. Plus, how are you here? Didn’t you bite it in JLA #41?

Aztek: No, I didn’t.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, he did.)

W.Dal: Uh, okay. Well, yeah, a lift would be great.

Aztek: No problem. If we’re lucky, you should get back in time for your Grahamtagonism this week.



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