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Releases for the Week of                
December 6th, 2006

Agents of Atlas #5
Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II #3
Beyond #6
Doctor Strange Oath #3
Incredible Hulk #101
Irredeemable Ant-Man #3
Marvel Holiday Special
New Excalibur #12
newuniversal #1
Red Prophet Alvin Maker #4
Spider-Man Reign #1
Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer
Ultimate Vision #1
Uncanny X-Men #481
White Tiger #2

52 Week #31
Action Comics #844 (2nd Print)
All New Atom #6
Batman Confidential #1
Detective Comics #826
Jonah Hex #14
Justice Society of America #1
Justice Society of America #1 Incentive Cover
Manhunter #26
Manhunter #26 Incentive Cover
Mystery in Space #4
Next #6
Nightwing #127
Outsiders #43
Supergirl #12
Superman Confidential #2

American Splendor #4
Externinators #12
Other Side #3

Desolation Jones #8
Friday the 13th #1
Friday the 13th #1 Incentive Cover
Midnighter #2
Midnighter #2 Incentive Cover
Nightmare on Elm St. #3
Ninja Scroll #3
Ninja Scroll #3 Incentive Cover
Tranquility #1
Tranquility #1 Incentive Cover A

Angel Auld Lang Syne #2
Angel Auld Lang Syne #2 1 in 25 cover incentive
Athena Voltaire Flight of the Falcon #3
Cross Bronx #4
Darkness Pitt First Look
Dead Eyes Open #6
Emo Boy #10
Escape of the Living Dead Airborne #3
GI Joe America’s Elite #18
Gold Digger #79
Hero Squared #4 – BOOM!
Invincible #37
Invincible Official Handbook #1
Jeremiah Harm #5 – BOOM!
Knights of the Dinner Table #121
Meltdown #1
Night Club #4
Night of the Living Dead Beginning #1
Nightly News #2
Star Wars Rebellion #5
Stargate Atlantis Wraithfall #2
Strangers in Paradise #86
Tales of TMNT #29
Transformers Generations #10
Walking Dead #33
Witchblade #102

Berserk vol. 14
Naruto vol. 12
Old Boy vol. 3
Yu Gi Oh Duelist vol. 18
Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 11

All Star Companion vol. 2
Conan Book of Thoth
Cowboys & Aliens
Essential Defenders vol. 2
Modern Masters vol. 9 Mike Wieringo
New X-Men Childhood’s End vol. 3
Runaways vol. 2 HC
Sachs & Violens
Showcase Presents Shazam vol. 1
Star Brand Classic vol. 1
Witchblade Compendium
What If? Classics vol. 3
Will Eisner’s Spirit Archives vol. 20 HC

Heavy Metal Jan 2007
Inquest #141
Lee’s Toy Review #170
Toyfare #114
WIZARD 2007 Movie Special

Archie #571
Archie Double Digest #175
Hardy Boys vol. 7
Justice League Unlimited #28
Looney Tunes #145
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #22
Spider-Man and Power Pack #2

Crisis on Infinite Earths Series 3

Batwoman Symbol T-Shirt

Haberlin’s Digital Art Tutorial CD-Roms

 ...in darkest night...


graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by a mysteriously absent
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

PATRICK: Happy December folks! Last week’s Thanksgiving GRAHAMTAGONISM saw a record number of views and we here at GrahamCrackers.com aim to stop that trend dead in the water right now. As our MASSIVE Holiday Sale is taking place this weekend, December 1st – 3rd, W. Dal and I thought we’d give you our thoughts on some overlooked back issue gems you can buy for 50% OFF at the sale! So without any further Marvel Fanfare, let’s see what Dal has to—

GUY GARDNER: Hold it, Brower!

PATRICK: The Hell? GUY GARDNER? What have you done with W. Dal??

GUY GARDNER: Yeah, it's me--best day of your pathetic life, loser! I’ll give ya Dal back when I’m damn good an’ ready! Now quit yer back issue yapping, you got a much bigger topic at hand!

PATRICK: Um, that being…?

GUY GARDNER: Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1! What else, dink?

PATRICK: Oh yeah, that did come out this week, didn’t it?

GUY GARDNER: Like you didn’t know. Burning up the sales charts, ain’t it? And that wasn’t a question.

PATRICK: Uh, well, I guess. I mean we DID sell some copies. Actually, to be fair Guy, I already had to order more copies from DC just yesterday.

GUY GARDNER: Well, sure it sold out, but if you would have ordered 1,000 copies like I told ya, you’d of had enough to last—for the first week. Haw haw!! And what a damn fine read it was, too, right? RIGHT?!?

PATRICK: Aw, Jesus Guy, I, ah, I kinda didn’t read it yet!

GUY GARDNER: Tell me you didn’t just say that…

PATRICK: Look, man, no offense, but with the number of character makeovers you’ve had in such a short time span, I have no idea which one of you I’d be reading about! I don’t even remember which version of you you’re supposed to be right now!

GUY GARDNER: I’m the Guy who’s gonna kick yer freakin’ teeth in if you don’t tell everyone how kick @$$ my book really is!

PATRICK: Oh, that was a terrible pun. I hope that’s not the kind of dialog readers can expect from Collateral Damage #1!

GUY GARDNER: You can expect it to be one of the last things you ever hear if you don’t get on with it…

PATRICK: Wow, that pretty green ring can glow brightly. So, Guy Gardner Collateral Damage #1, written and drawn by comic book master, creator of American Flagg!... Howard Chaykin! How’d YOU score someone of that caliber, Guy?

GUY GARDNER: Easy—he offered me the most cashola.

PATRICK: Don’t you feel he’s a bit over-exposed right now, what with drawing Hawkgirl and Blade, doing your book and whatever other projects he’s got in the works?

GUY GARDNER: Heh, we all know he’s phonin’ those other chumps books in, but when you read my book, you know he’s pullin’ out ALL the stops.

PATRICK: At least there’s no John Francis Moore or David Tischman co-writer credits on your book…

GUY GARDNER: You damn skippy.

PATRICK: Don’t you mind though, always being in the stories that co-star G’Nort?

GUY GARDNER: Is he in this? Next to me, anyone else is all but invisible. I’m the star and you ALL know it.

PATRICK: What? Did YOU even read your own book? Well at least your Warrior tattoos are gone…

GUY GARDNER: Yo, Brower, Beau Smith said you were a stand up guy, as close to a man’s man as any little wuss girl can get. Don’t make a lair outta Beau.

PATRICK: God forbid. But see Guy, I feel that it would be a disservice to my many, many loyal readers if I give your book a grade when I clearly said I haven’t read it yet. Because we all know I would NEVER do that simply to get one of these things written. I have nothing if not my journalistic integrity.

GUY GARDNER: Well, then you got nothin.’ But don’t worry about your precious little faux-reputation, I’LL grade the book this week. What’s the scale?

PATRICK: Did you just say, “faux?” Nice. And it’s a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

GUY GARDNER: Fine. We here at Graham Crackers Comics fully endorse this literary masterpiece to the utmost extent of the core of our beings. We give Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1

  50 Grahams!

PATRICK: What? 50?!! I said out of 10! And you are in no way associated with Graham Crackers Comics! Get out! Release W. Dal from the giant green bubble you’ve been holding him hostage in and go play with your giant pet dog and toy ring! Out!

GUY GARDNER: Stuff it, jerk$#@! Take your precious W. Dal back and go @#$% each other for all I care! I’m off to Quimby’s!


DC Comics

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