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Releases for the week of                
November 23rd, 2005

Amazing Spider-Man 526
Arana Heart of the Spider 11
Black Widow 3
Captain America 12
Captain Universe Invisible Woman
Daredevil 79
Marvel 1602 New World 5
Marvel Knights Spider-Man 19 (2nd Print)
Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos 2
N.F. Howling Commandos Director’s Cut 1
Punisher v. Bullseye 1
She Hulk vol. 2 #2
Ultimate X-Men 65
Uncanny X-Men 466
Young Avengers 9

Batgirl 70
Batman Gotham Knights 71
Catwoman 49
Flash 228
Jack Cross 4
JSA Classified 5
Robin 144
Seven Soldiers Frankenstein 1
Seven Soldiers Zatanna 4
Vigilante 3

Loveless 2
Lucifer 68

Authority Magnificent Kevin 4
Ex Machina 16
Tom Strong 35
Wraithborn 3

Army of Darkness 3
Battle Pope Color 4
BMW Films The Hire 4
Conan 22
Dorothy 1 (2nd Print)
Down 1 (Ellis)
Evil Ernie in Santa Fe 2
Forgotten Realms Dark Elf Exile 1
GI Joe Snake Eyes Declassified 4
Giant Monster 2
Girls 7
Gloomcookie 25
Godland 5
Grave Grrrls 3
Invincible 27
Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty 1
Palookaville 18
Perhapanauts 1
Red Sonja 3
Shadowhawk 7
Super Real 1
Walking Dead 24
Witchblade 92
Yuggoth Creatures 2

Cromartie High School vol. 4

Aeon Flux Herodotus File
Alex Raymond Flash Gordon vol. 4 HC, 5 HC
City of Heroes vol. 1
Dork Tower vol. 8
Fortune & Glory Ltd. HC
Girls vol. 1
I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Justice League
Off Road
Punisher Max vol. 4
Star Trek Key Collection vol. 4
Valerian vol. 1
Wolverine Enemy of the State vol. 2 HC
Y The Last Man vol. 6

Comics Journal 272
Dragon 338
Jack Kirby Collector 44
Marvel Previews
Newtype English Dec 2005
Scrye 91

Archie & Friends 96
Betty & Veronica Double Digest 138
Cartoon Network Block Party 15
Futurama 22
Uncle Scrooge 348
Walt Disney Comics 663

Marvel Select Carnage

SHE-HULK vol. 2 #2
Hawkeye's back--or is he?
Marvel Comics

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