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Releases for the Week of                
October 11th, 2006

Annihilation #3
Civil War Front Line #7
Magicians Apprentice Coll Ed.
Marvel Milestones Legion of Monsters
New X-Men #31
Powers #20
Punisher #39
Red Prophet
Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange
Thunderbolts #107
Ultimate Power #1
Ultimate Power #1 Ink Incentive Cover
Ultimate X-Men #75
Uncanny X-Men #479
Wolverine Origins #7
Wolverine Origins #7 Incentive Quesada Sketch Cover

52 Week #23
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #211
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #30
Green Arrow #67
Green Lantern Corps #5
JLA Classified #28
Martian Manhunter #3
Next #4
Tales of the Unexpected #1
Tales of the Unexpected #1 Incentive Cover

DMZ #12
Fables #54
Fables Special Edition #1

Gen 13 #1
Gen 13 #1 Incentive Cover A
Gen 13 #1 Incentive Cover B
Rokkin #4
Worldstorm #1

Battlestar Galactica #7 Camuncoli Cover
Battlestar Galactica #7 Batista Cover
Battlestar Galactica #7 Raynor Cover
Battlestar Galactica #7 Photo Cover
Battlestar Galactica #7 Incentive sketch cover
Begoths #1
Blade of the Immortal #118
Bomb Queen vol. 2 #1
Cyberforce #6
Cyberforce #6 Incentive Lee B&W Cover
Darkman vs Army of Darkness #1 Perez Cover
Darkman vs Army of Darkness #1 Bradshaw Cover
Darkman vs Army of Darkness #1 Photo Cover
Darkman vs Army of Darkness #1 Incentive Perez Negative Cover
Dead @ 17 vol. 2 #1
Devi #4
Devils Panties #4
Dork #11
Emissary #5
Emo Boy #9
Escapists #4
GI Joe America’s Elite #16
Grimm Fairy Tales #9
Love the Way You Love #2
Paula Peril #2
Phantom #12
Pirates of Coney Island #1
Sam Noir Samurai Detective #2
Scarlet Traces Great Game #4
Shojo Beat vol. 2 #11
Star Wars Legacy #4
Tales of TMNT #27
Umbra #3
X Isle #3

Flame of Recca vol. 20
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories vol. 1
Old Boy vol. 2
Peach Fuzz vol. 2
Zatch Bell vol. 9

Absolute Sandman vol. 1
Ares God of War
Captain America Winter Soldier vol. 2
Desolation Jones
Infinite Crisis Companion
Invincible vol. 7
Marvel Masterworks Spider-Man vol. 8
Pulse vol. 3 Fear
Rock Bottom
Spawn Collection vol. 2
Spider-Man The Other
Tom Strong vol. 6 HC
Wolverine Complete Enemy of the State HC

Battlestar Galactica Newstand cover
Battlestar Galactica Previews cover
Buffy #27 Newsstand Cover
Buffy #27 Previews Cover
Dr Who #374
G Fan #77
Lee’s Toy Review #168
Lost #7 Newsstand Cover
Lost #7 Previews Cover
Mad #471
Tomarts Action Figure Digest #148
Toyfare #112
TV Zone #207
Twelve Reasons Why I Love Her

Archie & Friends #104
Archie Digest #229
Batman Strikes #26
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #146
Cartoon Network Action Pack #6
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #17

DC Who’s Who Mystery Box Set Series 2
Invincible Statue
Marvel Legends Monsters Gift Pack
Mutts PVC Set
Women of the DCU Supergirl Bust

Make Love Not War (Ross)

Marvel Classic Characters 2007 Calendar

Neal Adams Pointers from a Master Storyteller
Notes to Draw From vol. 2

...how fat is he?...

graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.


PATRICK: Dal Loves Corn!

W. DAL: Technology 0, Dal 1! AIM is up and running, the DSL has only totally crashed once today, ROCK AND ROLL!

PATRICK: You da techno-man!

W. DAL: But unlike Naperville employee Harley, I'm not going to get a big head about it. No, I'm just going to humbly go about my sacred duty of barely-competently reviewing new comics. As always.

PATRICK: Your restraint, as Harley's appetite, is well renowned.

W. DAL: So lets look at new comics. Thankfully, Marvel's given us a week fat-packed (or, if you will, Harley-packed) with new #1's. So how's about a look at Criminal #1, Ant-Man #1 and Dr. Strange #1? That keep you all half-awake? Huh?

PATRICK: Marvel DOES have #1 dollar share per month and is #1 in sheer volume of product each month, so a look at Marvel #1's it is! And Grahamtagonism ALWAYS keeps me awake, silly! Unlike a certain local book called "The Manicure Digest."

W. DAL: Indeed. So. Criminal #1. I, like all right-thinking Americans, was a giant, Harley-sized fan of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' stellar Wildstorm series "Sleeper". Over too soon after only four collections worth of greatness, this new Marvel crime comic of theirs could not come quick enough (unlike, I'm told, Harley) for this fan. But now it's here and, well... has nostalgia made me expect too much? 'Cause this was only, ONLY real good. But not THE BEST.

PATRICK: Let me answer a cliché. The bar was set too high. We've come to expect greatness and only received goodness. I feel the same way; Criminal is a GOOD book. But I was expecting better. Maybe we need too much set-up before we can fully appreciate the ever-winding Brubaker noir masterpiece. Or he's overrated and has run out of ideas. Your choice. But the colors were very he-manly.  Also, Harley smells.

W. DAL: The thing that kept jumping out at me was how, I don't know, streamlined this story was. It's a well-executed but fairly standard "one last score" noir-ish story. Sleeper, on the other hand, was a massive, sprawling story with way more nuance and detail. And superheroes. Which, with that element removed, I'm sure makes for a less-complicated, more accessible story. But that's death for a good crime yarn. And to clarify, Harley smells FAT. Get it right, or he could have a case for slander. Or is it libel? I suppose it doesn't really matter; Harley can't read anyway!

PATRICK: I liken this to watching Thief this past spring on FX. Too slow in points, too much time spent on the human element, not enough of the actual heist. But by the same token some of the really best bits were those same human elements. Like Harley, I'm confused right now. I'll give Criminal
  7 Grahams and hope it completely mesmerizes me in the future.

  7 Grahams for me as well, along with a bordering-on-irritating (Harley what?) insistence that ANYONE reading this who's over the age of 17 should walk, not run (safety first) to any Graham Crackers to pick up volume one of Sleeper if you haven't already. If they don't have it, tell them they're fired! Fired like Wong will be if he can't help Dr. Strange out of his latest jam. SEE THAT SEGWAY? EAT IT, BROWER! I mean, what'd you think of Dr. Strange: The Oath #1, buddy?

PATRICK: I gotta say, the last time I saw my, uh, 'manservent' covered in blood really freaked me out, lemme tell ya.


PATRICK: I'm talking about WONG, you sickos!

W. DAL: Did you say "Wang"?

PATRICK: Get yer mind out of the Harley for once!

W. DAL: Bloody "manservants" aside, I never expect to dig a Dr. Strange solo story. And Brian Vaughan, clever writer that he is, realized that most people don't like Dr. Strange solo stories. So like Harley after a buffet, this book is packed fat with stuff. Plenty of cool guest-stars, huge stakes and a well-written Dr. Strange that seems like he could ACTUALLY be a Sorcerer Supreme, not just a constant reminder of Dr. Orpheus from Venture Brothers.

PATRICK: Doctor Strange Oath #1, easily Book of the Week. Anything that gets rid of the bitter taste of Straczynski would be fine, but this book is fast paced, well Harley, uh, that is, rounded, and the start of a Doctor Strange story that's actually compelling! When was the last time you even cared about the good Doctor that he wasn't just a guest-star in someone else's book?

PATRICK: I predict that I'll enjoy this even more than Garth Ennis' portrayal years ago in Thor Vikings!

W. DAL: For realsies. Despite webmaestro John Robinson's claims, Dr. Strange was never a fun comic. Not when Steve Ditko did it, not when Steve Engelhart did it, not even when Michael Golden did it. He's a fun CHARACTER, just never a fun comic. Now, though, if Vaughan can keep up the quality work and the chemistry of the supporting cast, he might change my mind.
  9 Grahams.

PATRICK: Yeah, and here's hoping (Doctor) Night Nurse stays in the series!
  8 Grahams.

PATRICK: Too bad we started with the good stuff, now we have to bring the whole proceeding down several notches, and not just in size. The Irredeemable Ant Man #1. Huh. Fitting it came out on the same week as the final issue of Marvel Team Up. Fill that unspectacular void immediately.

W. DAL: As unnecessary as asking Harley if he's going to finish that, here's the new Ant-Man comic. And hey, don't think creator Robert Kirkman doesn't know how dumb an Ant-Man comic is! Why, he's right with you! That's what makes this such a "fun" and "hilarious" comic! Ugh. Yeah, this pretty much only a book for people who loved Marvel Team-Up, which was so popular it just got cancelled. In fact, this story reads like #26 of Marvel Team-Up, which is probably not the smartest move for a creator with as weak a recent track record as Kirkman, you know?

PATRICK: I like Robert Kirkman. I like Invincible and Walking Dead. I read Marvel Team-Up and I'll buy the Irredeemable Ant-Man. But this just feels like Marvel offered him the book and he said "sure" without having any clear plan for this book. Bad and disappointing.

PATRICK: Ha! Like that? That's a direct quote from me in the Grahamtagonism from September 20th! Just as Kirkman recycled his text page for IAM #1, I'm recycling my criticism! Actually, I fully believe this idea was his from the start, and I don’t think the book is really “bad,” I just wanted to quote myself.

W. DAL: How green of you. For me, this issue wasn't anything particularly bad. There's a couple funny moments ("Your purse? Go ahead, take it, it's yours - I didn't put a bomb in it or anything.") and it's nice to see so many Harley-sized Marvel events from the last few years addressed that other writers immediately cast aside for Civil Whatnot. It's just... you can FEEL this thing becoming a 6-issue mini-series. It's just one more Marvel comic, and Sweet Jumping Market Share, aren't there enough of those? Much like Marvel Team-up, this is another enjoyable but forgettable comic that just can't fight through the sheer number of Must Read books currently available.
  7 Grahams, for now.

PATRICK: I'll go
  6 Grahams. I'm saving a few Grahams so Karrie can eat them in bed.

W. DAL: Fantastic. Well, another week, another Grahamtagonism. And for our readers who are wondering why we've taken so many shots at Naperville employee Harley Gardner this week, it's related to last week's Grahamtagonism. Last week we took a few shots at Wheaton Manager Jimmy P.S. Hayes for being, well, husky. See, we make jokes like that about Jimmy 'cause he's NOT a big guy. It's sort of running joke that he's fat, so we rib him about it online when we can. So to clarify: Jimmy's not fat. The reason we make jokes about Harley? Oh, he's actually fat. And he's got a big head. Word, true.

PATRICK: Why is my mouth so dry…?


Rick Spears!

Image Comics

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