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Releases for the Week of                
October 10th, 2007

Amazing Spider-Girl #13
Amazing Spider-Girl #13 Zombie Cover
Civil War Chronicles #4
Fantastic Four #550
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 Marko Cover OMD
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 Quesada Cover OMD
Ghost Rider #16
Heroes for Hire #14 WWH
New Avengers #35
New Avengers Transformers #4
New Warriors #5
Nova #7
Punisher #51
Punisher War Journal #12 WWH
Punisher War Journal #12 Zombie Cover WWH
Runaways #28
Runaways #28 Zombie Cover
Spider-Man Red Sonja #3
Wolverine #58
Wolverine #58 Zombie Cover
World War Hulk Front Line #5 WWH
X-Factor #24
X-Men Die By the Sword #1

Batman Confidential #10
Black Adam the Dark Age #3
Booster Gold #3
Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1
Countdown #29
Green Arrow Black Canary #1
Green Arrow Black Canary #1 Incentive Cover
Green Lantern #24 SC
JLA Classified #44
Simon Dark #1
Suicide Squad From the Ashes #2
Superman #668
Wonder Girl #2
Wonder Woman #13

Exterminators #22
Un-Men #3

Friday the 13th Summer Vacation #2
Stormwatch PHD #12

10th Muse Giant One-Shot Cruz Cover
10th Muse Giant One-Shot Heights Cover
10th Muse Giant One-Shot Photo Cover
30 Days of Night #1 5th Anniversary Ed.
30 Days of Night #1 5th Anniversary Ed. Variant
Atomic Robo #1
Beowulf #2
Beowulf #2 (1in15 incentive)
Black Summer #3
Black Summer #3 Wrap Cover
Black Summer #3 Incentive Cover
Blade of the Immortal #130
Bloodrayne Red Blood Run #2 Cover A
Bloodrayne Red Blood Run #2 Cover B
Bloodrayne Red Blood Run #2 Incentive Cover
BPRD Killing Ground #3
Brawl #1
Deadlander #1
Drafted #2
Drain #5
First Born #2 Keown Cover
First Born #2 Sejic Cover
Gargoyles #6
GI Joe Storm Shadow #4
Grimm Fairy Tales #17
Grimm Fairy Tales Annual #1
Hiding in Time #3
Living With the Dead #1 
Legend of Isis #2
Necessary Evil #1
New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #2 Sketch Incentive
PS238 #26
Sorrow #2
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Gorn Cover A
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Gorn Cover B
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Gorn (1 in 10) Incentive Cover
Star Wars Dark Times #5
Sword of Red Sonja Doom of the Gods #1 Renaud Cover
Sword of Red Sonja Doom of the Gods #1 Llopresti Cover
Sword of Red Sonja Doom of the Gods #1 Rubi Cover
Sword of Red Sonja Doom of the Gods #1 (1 in 15) Renaud Virgin Incentive Cover
Sword of Red Sonja Doom of the Gods #1 (1 in 25) Lopresti Sketch Incentive Cover
Tank Girl the Gifting #4 Cover A
Tank Girl the Gifting #4 Cover B
Tank Girl the Gifting #4 (1 in 10) Incentive Cover
Transformers Best of the UK Dinobots #2 Roche Cover
Transformers Best of the UK Dinobots #2 Retro Cover
Transformers Best of the UK Dinobots #2 (1 in 10) Retro Cover
Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 (2ND Print)

Appleseed Hypernotes
Bleach vol. 21
Inu Yasha vol. 31
Naruto vol. 19
Naruto vol. 20
Naruto vol. 21
Oh My Goddess vol. 27
Street Fighter II vol. 1
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist vol. 23
Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium World vol. 5
Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 13
Zatch Bell vol. 15

Absolute Sandman vol. 2
Dynamo 5 vol. 1
Fallen Son Death of Captain America HC
Garth Ennis Chronicles of Wormwood
Grimm Fairy Tales vol. 2
James Sturm’s America HC
Justice vol. 3 HC
Ms. Marvel vol. 3 HC
Mystery in Space vol. 1
Nightwing Love and War
Powers vol. 10
Shortcomings HC
Spider-Man Back in Black HC
Spider-Man Fantastic Four
X-Factor Visionaries Peter David vol. 3
Yearbook Stories 1976-78

Doctor Who #387
Lost #13 Newsstand Cover
Lost #13 Previews Cover
Rough Stuff #6
Smallville #23 Newsstand Cover
Smallville #23 Previews Cover
Toyfare #124
TV Zone #220

Archie #579
Holiday Fun Digest #12
Jughead #185
Justice League Unlimited #38
Little Lulu vol. 17
Marvel Adventures Hulk #4
Marvel Adventures Iron Man vol. 1 Digest
Scooby Doo #122
Sonic X #25
Tales From Riverdale Digest #24

Milk & Cheese Vinyl Figure Set

Dark Horse
Newcomer Kevin Ferrara blasts on the scene with The Badlander -- a wicked zombie tale about a supernatural killer escaping damnation . . . one bullet at a time! In legend, the Badlander is a ghostly outlaw shrouded in mystery. A weird gunslinger stalking the desert landscapes of Nevada. But in reality Jacob Bierce is nothing more than a rotting corpse of a man, dead in more ways than one -- a loner on the run from the law, turned into the living dead and controlled like a puppet by the sinister Bog Witch. Now, as the witch's evil hold threatens to entrap him forever, the Badlander sets in motion a desperate plan to destroy the witch and regain his soul once and for all!  

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