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Releases for the Week of                
September 20th, 2006

Astonishing X-Men #17
Astonishing X-Men #17 Cassaday Sketch Incentive Cover
Blade #1
Civil War Amazing Spider-Man: Decisions
Civil War #4
Civil War #4 Turner Incentive Cover
Civil War #4 Turner Incentive Sketch Cover
Civil War X-Men #3
Exiles #86
Ghost Rider #3
Iron Man #12
Marvel Spotlight Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Moon Knight #5
Nextwave Agents of Hate #8
Runaways #20
Sensational Spider-Man #30
Ultimate Fantastic Four #34
Union Jack #1
Wolverine #46
X-Factor #11
X-Men First Class #1

52 Week #20
Birds of Prey #98
Catwoman #59
Checkmate #6
Flash the Fastest Man Alive #4
Ion #6
Robin #154
Shadowpact #5
Superman #656

100 Bullets #76
Deadman #2
Hellblazer #224
Testament #10

Claw the Unconquered #4
Skye Runner #4 Art Adams Cover
Skye Runner #4 Alex Garza Cover
Wetworks #1
Wetworks #1 Incentive Cover A
Wetworks #1 Incentive Cover B

Angel Scriptbook #7 art cover
Angel Scriptbook #7 photo cover
Army of Darkness #10 Nick Bradshaw Cover
Army of Darkness #10 Kevin Sharpe Cover
Army of Darkness #10 Pablo Marcus Cover
Army of Darkness #10 Tommy Castillo Cover
Army of Darkness #10 Bradshaw Negative Cover Incentive
Bloodrayne Plague of Dreams #1 Cover A
Bloodrayne Plague of Dreams #1 Cover B
Bloodrayne Plague of Dreams #1 Incentive Cover
Conan #32
Conan and the Songs of the Dead #3
CVO African Blood #1
Dwight T. Albatross the Goon Noir #1
Escape of the Living Dead Airborne #1
GI Joe Special Missions Tokyo
Negative Burn #4
Night of the Living Dead Back from the Grave #1
Nightwolf #2
Ninja High School Yearbook 2006
Occult Crimes Taskforce #2
Road to Hell #2
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #2 Cho Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #2 Stjpean Ejic Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #2 Homs Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #2 Cho Virgin Incentive Cover
Sea of Red #12
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #8
Strangers in Paradise #84
Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight #4
Walking Dead #31
Witchblade #101

Banya Explosive Delivery Man
Ghost in the Shell vol. 2 Novel
Ju On Novel
Satsuma Gishiden vol. 1

Actor Comics Presents vol. 1
Batgirl Destruction’s Daughter
Batman Chronicles vol. 2
Creation of Spider-Man HC
Creation of Fantastic Four HC
Creation of Hulk HC
Creation of the X-Men HC
Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne vol. 6
Godland vol. 2
Lonely Heart the Art of Tara McPherson HC
Marvel Masterworks Human Torch vol. 1
Ms. Marvel vol. 1 HC
The Quitter SC
Tomb Raider Vol. 2
Uncanny X-Men New Age vol. 5
X-Men Apocalypse Dracula

Back Issue #18
Dragon #348
Femme Fatales vol. 15 #3
Following Cerebus #9
Heavy Metal Nov. 06
Newtype #104
Wizard Anime Insider #37

Betty #159
Disney Adventures Kid Gravity vol. 1
Donald Duck & Friends #344
Krypto the Super Dog #1
Marvel Adventures Avengers #5
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #16
Mickey Mouse & Friends #293
Pals N Gals Double Digest #106
Scooby Doo #112
Simpsons Comics #122
Sonic X #12

Fables #8 Poster
Punisher In Sight T-Shirt
Y The Last Man #23 Poster

...i would rather...

graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm
1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.
2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.
3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

PATRICK: Walloping World War Hulk, W. Dal, did you see that list of New Comics directly above us? We're hittin' the mother load next week! That sure explains why the last two weeks were so light.

W. DAL: Yikes. Jumping Joss Whedon, are you right there, Brower. I think I even saw Sonic Disruptors on that list...

PATRICK: Finally, Sonic Disruptors #8!!!

W. DAL: Whee!

PATRICK: Will Sheik Rattle Enroll get off the space station or will his message be intercepted and destroyed? 18 years after issue #7, we'll get some answers!!

W. DAL: Whee!

PATRICK: "Love you so much gon' rip out your heart!"

W. DAL: Whee!

PATRICK: Wait.. is Sonic Disruptors REALLY coming out?

PATRICK: Aw, damn... I got my fragile, eggshell-like hopes up for nothing. *sniff*

W. DAL: Alright, enough. Anyway. It's not all Sonic Disruptors and rainbows in the comics industry. No, we've got some not-great books, some bad books, and some books that make you question the existence of a just and loving God. And thanks to the tireless efforts of misguided and/or downright evil comic creators, we're going to take a look at those books this week. It's their fault, not ours.


W. DAL: Exactly. So, lets get this punishment (Theirs or ours? You be the judge!) over with. Starting closer to the readable end of the review spectrum, our Not-Great book: Green Lantern Corps #4.

PATRICK: Guy Gardner gets that shore leave he’s been begging for since the end of the mini-series and wackiness ensues. Oh, that nutty Guy.

W. DAL: Yeah. Hijinks! WOOO! Not an awful book, but middling and unimpressive. A story that wouldn't have been out of place in the Green Lantern Corps Quarterly series back in the late 90's, except that for some reason it's a two-parter. Really? Why?

PATRICK: I don't really get Guy Gardner's place in the new DC Universe, and while I usually like the slice-of-life, down-time/comedy stories, this one was just... a story.

W. DAL: And the thing that was really disturbing to me was that the art (and story) was by the dude who drew Watchmen. WATCHMEN! Doesn't that make anyone else uneasy?

PATRICK: Yeah, Gibbons' bank manager.

W. DAL: Still, better this than another Originals graphic novel, right? Okay, enough with the relative quality of GLC. Time for our hearts to start caving in for our Bad Book: Ultimate X-Men #74.

PATRICK: I like Robert Kirkman. I like Invincible and Walking Dead. I read Marvel Team-Up and I'll buy the Irredeemable Ant-Man. But this just feels like Marvel offered him the book and he said "sure" without having any clear plan for this book. His first major Ult X arc is now on the books and the verdict is bad. Bad and disappointing.

W. DAL: The whole point of Ultimate X-Men, to my mind, is to be edgy. Take chances. Do the kind of stories that you could never do in the regular Marvel Universe. But this? This is completely not that story. It's trite, predictable, un-engaging, anticlimactic, irrelevant, boring, and yeah, bad. Kirkman's definitely a guy with talent, but this run in NO WAY proves it. This batch of stories would be an okay mini-series, I guess, but it comes in way under the bar set by Millar and Vaughan.

PATRICK: He spent all of his character development on a character he created and then took out of the story. The only real characterization was for Nightcrawler and he took him the complete opposite direction of the characters established personality. So I GUESS that's "edgy," but not in a way that flowed within the context of the story.

PATRICK: Ultimate X-Men should either be an event book with A-list creators or it should be cancelled. But it sells too well at the moment for Marvel to cancel it and it takes too long for the people buying it to stop buying it when they don't like it. Like right now. Also, Vaughn pi**ed all over the bar that was set before him.

PATRICK: However, his stuff was better than Kirkman's.

PATRICK: But that's clearly for another time...

W. DAL: Dude, how can you dis Vaughan's run? Do I even have to say it? LONGmutha****ingSHOT! But, speaking briefly of Kirkman again, yeah. A couple notable changes from the status quo, but nothing to get excited about at all. Just the kind of thing you read and think "Oh. Alright." and then don't spend a single second thinking about for the next four weeks. And Ultimate X-Men, believe it or not, deserves more. Sorry, Robert.

W. DAL: And sorry us, 'cause it's time for a book. Well, sort of. It's less a book than a challenge to continue living in a world that could create such an object. Beyond bad, beyond your puny conception of art or fairness: Nitrogen Extreme Forces #1. May God have mercy on our souls.

PATRICK: Was I so bad that this is the only form of punishment left? If so, I'M SO VERY SORRY!!!

W. DAL: Yeah, you know what? We don't deserve this. We honestly don't. And I REFUSE to review this... thing. I'd rather punch myself in the face until I can never see Rob Liefeld's artwork than read this thing.

PATRICK: I would rather never have known what art was than to have seen this.

W. DAL: I would rather re-watch season five of Smallville than read this thing.

PATRICK: I would rather cut off all of my fingers with dull, rusted garden shears than have to use them to turn the pages of this comic.

W. DAL: I would rather spend another day at a Diamond Retailer Summit than read this thing.

PATRICK: I would rather work in Downers Grove, pre-recent change over, than to offer this book to customers.

W. DAL: I would rather read Deadman #2 than read this thing.

PATRICK: I would rather shop at Chic*** Comics than look at a single panel of this comic.

W. DAL: I would rather do Grahamtagonism with Jimmy PS Hayes than read this thing.

PATRICK: I would rather go to Rick Berg's wedding.

W. DAL: Yikes! You win.

PATRICK: No, no, we ALL lose.

W. DAL: And that's what Rob Liefeld wants, I think. For us to give up hope. But we can't let him win! No sir! I believe in a better tomorrow! I KNOW next week'll be better! You know why? 'Cause NitroGen ALREADY CAME OUT. It can only be better from now on. THANK YOU GOD/BUDDHA/HAMBURGLAR!

PATRICK: Robble-robble-robble.

W. DAL: And robble-robble-robble us ALL.

PATRICK: Green Lantern Corps #4?

6 Grahams.
Ultimate X-Men #74?
  6 Grahams but only because it was Tom Raney and Gina Going on the art. Less if it would have been Ben Oliver.
Nitrogen Extreme Forces #1? FU** YOU for even asking!!

W. DAL: I'll go 6-5-FU, in that order. And I will remind our reader(s) that we read books like this so you DON'T HAVE TO. For the love of Dal, please please please, if you feel the need to buy one of the books we've mentioned here (besides Sonic Distruptors #8, natch)... don't. Take that money and buy a GOOD comic, like 52 #19, Fables #53, Hulk #98, Escapists #3 or Pride of Baghdad. Or, failing that, gouge out your own eyes to keep from ever seeing NitroGen again. I did, and my typing has never been gsdfhsdfp!

Tally ho, guv'nr!
Marvel Comics

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