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Releases for the Week of                
September 13th, 2006

Annihilation #2
Captain America #21
Civil War Files
Civil War #1 Captain America Cover (New Print)
Civil War #2 (3rd Print)
Claws #2
Incredible Hulk #98
Incredible Hulk #98 Incentive Sketch Cover
Ms. Marvel #7 (civil war)
New Excalibur #11
New X-Men #30
Thunderbolts #106
Ultimate X-Men #74
Wolverine Origins #6 McGuiness Cover
Wolverine Origins #6 Quesada Cover

52 Week #19
Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #44
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #210
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #29
Green Arrow #66
Green Lantern #13
Green Lantern Corps #4
JLA Classified #27
Martian Manhunter #2

DMZ #11
Fables #53

Ex Machina #23
Man Called Kev #3
Rokkin #3

Baobab #2
Blade of the Immortal #117
Casanova #4
Devi #3
Doomed #3
Dragonlance Chronicles vol. 2 #2 Kurth Cover
Dragonlance Chronicles vol. 2 #2 Cover B
Escapists #3
GI Joe America’s Elite #15
Girls #17
Love & Rockets vol. 2 #17
Niger #1
Phonogram #2
Reflections #1
Sam Noir Samurai Detective #1
Scarlet Traces: the Great Game #3
Shojo Beat vol. 2 #10
Star Wars Legacy #3
Strange Girl Ashcan Incentive
Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour Lost Episode
Talent #3
Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave Roche Cover
Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave Riaz Cover
Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave Figueroa Incentive Cover
Truth Justin & American Way #4
Wasteland #3

Crying Freeman vol. 3
Reiko the Zombie Shop vol. 4

Abandon the Old in Tokyo HC
Batman Gotham by Gaslight
Doom Patrol vol. 4
Essential Hulk vol. 4
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man vol. 1
GI Joe vs. Transformers vol. 3
How to Self Publish Comics
Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence
New Avengers vol. 4 HC
Pride of Baghdad HC
Shazam Family Archives vol. 1
Street Fighter Ultimate Edition
Superman Infinite City
Top Cow: Best of David Finch
Transformers Infiltration
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Collection
Wildcats Nemesis
Wolverine Classics Vol. 4

Comic Art Magazine #8
Doctor Who #373
Doctor Who Special #14
Dungeon #139
SFX #147
Toyfare #111
TV Zone #206

Archie #569
Archie Double Digest #173
Batman Strikes #25
Cartoon Netrowk Action Pack #5
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man vol. 4
Veronica #174

How to Self-Publish Comics TP
Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets
Wizard Basic Training: Advanced Techniques

Destroyer Mini-Bust (Bowen)
Original Iron Man Mini-Bust (Bowen)
Wonder Woman & Serpents Mini-Statue

...keep away from stingrays, it's another...

graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm
1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.
2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.
3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

W. DAL: Ladies and Gentlemen (though, statistically speaking, only probably Gentlemen), it's another one of those weeks. No, not a guest host spot, THANK GOD. It's a small comic week, and Sweet Jumping Plattsburgh did not much good come out. This is totally one of those weeks where you come into a Graham Crackers (though, statistically speaking, only probably Naperville, Chicago or Lincoln Park) and come up to the counter, couple books in hand and say, "Wow. Not much out this week."

W. DAL: And then we (I) would try to sell you on one of this week's cool new launches. Only, the problem is, we read them. And they're all pretty bad. The Spidey one-shot, X-Men Phoenix: Warsong, it's all pretty mediocre. So, instead of shrugging our shoulders or singing songs off the new Dream Theater live CD (Dal/Pat, if you care), we're going to tell you, as always, how to spend your hard-earned money: it's our first installment of CLASSIC TRADES YOU NEVER BOUGHT EVEN THOUGH WE'VE BEEN TELLING YOU TO FOR YEARS.

PATRICK: Yeah, thanks for making me read Cross Bronx and Mystery In Space to "prepare" for this week's column. But you're right, they're staggeringly mediocre and who wants to read reviews of books we don't really care about one way or the other? So, CLASSIC TRADES YOU NEVER BOUGHT EVEN THOUGH WE'VE BEEN TELLING YOU TO FOR YEARS it is!

PATRICK: And none of this "Watchmen" or "Dark Knight Returns" stuff--we're going for the vaults on this one!

W. DAL: Well, I'm glad you're so jazzed. Although, I suppose a week not needing to remember you read Spider-Man: Black, Blue & Read All Over is a good one. Anyway, what's in YOUR vault, Brower? 'Sides the stuff you can't print here, of course...

PATRICK: Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle. Yeah, I know it was just reprinted, but it was also a Marvel bookstore trade waaaaaayyyyy back in the day. This is the book where Tony Stark loses controlling interest of Stark Enterprises to S.H.I.E.L.D., fights about 1,000 super villains on a floating island and defeats his toughest opponent ever, Jim Beam.

W. DAL: I thought it was Jack Daniels. Maybe they teamed up...

PATRICK: David Michelline and Bob Layton turned in a full, complete, compelling story told over eight months that lasted more than a few days of Marvel time, and forever changed the character.

PATRICK: It also gave us some punk kid artist named John Romita Jr.

W. DAL: What ever happened to him? Oh, that's right. He's the guy who did Gray Area, yeah? That blew. But back to Iron Man, that's a classic story, but it seems like it didn't get a ton of play in the Marvel Universe until the one-two punch of Twisted Toyfare and Bendis' classic "One Note'll Do Ya" characterization. See also "Hank Pym beats his wife" and "Spider-Woman is the best".

PATRICK: Gray Area is the ONLY non-Marvel work JRJR has done in his career. So yeah, he should always stay at Marvel if that's what happens when he strays...

W. DAL: So, let's keep going on classic Marvel. Unlike Pat, though, I was not raised during the Industrial Revolution (how're those horseless carriages treating you, Gramps?) so my definition of "classic" is more like late '90s. And while I'm so tired of The Wolverine, I still hold a special place in my heart for Wolverine: Blood Debt from Steve "DOC FRANKENSTEIN" Skroce.

W. DAL: If you got a kick out of his recent Doc Frankenstein artwork but wish that a) it was married to a fun story and b) had The Wolverine in it, your prayers have been answered. Now start praying for world peace, Mr. Selfish! Still, you could do worse than getting a wish grantedwithone of THE most violent, insanely cool Wolvie stories around. Outside of Owly, of course.

PATRICK: Just how many arrows did The Wolverine take to the body in that one? As many as were fired in the whole of Hero?

W. DAL: All the crazy thousands-of-bullets stuff in the later Matrix films were pulled RIGHT from that story. You know they were.

PATRICK: Yeah, but The Wolverine don't need to dodge.

W. DAL: No, he's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is not dodge, I guess.

PATRICK: You're right to hold this tale special. Skroce wrote, drew and didn't he even color part of it? The only bad part about reading this story as it came out issue-at-a-time is when we found out Skroce's tenure on the book was only this arc!

W. DAL: Yeah, for real. When the first part came out I was so thrilled. I made everybody pick it up and not one person was disappointed... until we found out it was only a 4 issue run. Quick history lesson: do you remember who broke our hearts as the new artist?

PATRICK: Oh, Jesus, wasn't it...

PATRICK: Rob Liefeld??

W. DAL: Yep! My heart never healed. That's right, folks; this is the reason I'm the way I am. Blame Rob Liefeld. And Superchunk. Mostly Superchunk.

PATRICK: WHAT? Blame Superchunk?? I blame Ned's Atomic Dustbin, that's who I blame!!

W. DAL: Blame in a good way, I'm sure.

W. DAL: C'mon, spark some more bittersweet memories. Give us another pick!

PATRICK: Alright, I just made (CH employee) Ryan Voss read Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, another new printing of a classic Marvel story.

PATRICK: And he loved it. Kraven, realizing he can never truly defeat Spider-Man without knowing who and why he is, actually beats Spider-Man and takes his place!

PATRICK: In the black costume, no less.

W. DAL: Aw, wasn't this the one with all that "I am the Spider" nonsense? Jeez, everyone in the 80s wanted to write Dark Knight Returns, I guess.

PATRICK: This is one of the few times (Greenberg the Vampire being the other) JM DeMatteis' constant introspection and examination of traumatic, heretofore unknown events of a character's past, actually worked.

W. DAL: I just... in Spider-Man? I'm not a fan. You want to pull that in Batman, or Daredevil, or whatever, fine. I'm just not onboard for a "super-dark, introspective" Spidey story. You know?

PATRICK: Spider-Man wasn't the introspective character--Kraven was. And Kraven ultimately realized why he was destined to lose every time they fought.

W. DAL: No, I get which character was being introspective. What I was SAYING (if you'd read what I wrote instead of just looking for your name) was that I don't need that in a Spidey STORY. I guess you must be a big fan of Spidey/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do, huh?

PATRICK: Sadly this has all been tarnished by the sequel to Fearful Symmetry, also by DeMatteis & Mike Zeck, Soul Of The Hunter in which Spider-Man confronts Kraven's *****. Sorry, don't want to ruin the end of Last Hunt."

PATRICK: I'm sorry--were you typing to me? I didn't see my name in that last diatribe so I just skipped it. You were carping--um, saying?

W. DAL: Nuthin. Hey, Pat!

W. DAL: Who's the bestest Batman writer EVER?

PATRICK: Alan Grant!!

PATRICK: *snicker*

W. DAL: HA HA! That'd be funnier if it weren't so sad. No, you know this...

PATRICK: Not Frank Miller.

PATRICK: Grant Morrison.

W. DAL: Tch. No!

PATRICK: Yeah? Read JLA New World Order and tell me that.

W. DAL: Man, I thought you'd get this in one. Chuck Dixon!

PATRICK: What? You didn't say "Moon Knight" or "non-Max Punisher" or "Green Arrow" or "Nightwing," you said Batman!


PATRICK: Anyway, Doug Moench and Charlie Huston are both better Moon Knight writers.

W. DAL: ANYWAY, there's only one Bat writer who was consistently good for such a long time, and that was Chuck "*$#%ing" Dixon. After a decade of writing Bat stories for various monthlies, he cut loose on an amazing and woefully overlooked original graphic novel with John VanFleet called Batman: The Chalice.

W. DAL: Unlike every other Batman OGN that were eitherby guys who had no business writing a comic or guys who had to prove how weird they could make a Batman story (Arkham Asylum what now?), Chalice was from a guy who knew the Batman family inside and out, and used the OGN format to tell the biggest, most action-packed Batman story he could never do in a regular comic. THAT'S WHY HE'S THE BESTEST, DUMMY!

PATRICK: How good can it be if you never convinced ME to read it?

W. DAL: I didn't think I HAD to!

PATRICK: Sell me--go.

W. DAL: Jesus! Read it THIS WEEK! You know there's nothing else to read!

W. DAL: It's 20 times better than All-Star Batman and twice as good as a miracle! It'll balance your checkbook AND get you into Valhalla!

PATRICK: What's it about?

W. DAL: It's about time you read Batman: The Chalice! HAHA! Never gets old. It's basically Batman hunting down the Holy Grail, and while every conceivable Bat cast member or villain shows up, there's one specifically who might be after something that can grant eternal life...

W. DAL: It's a rip-roaring global adventure in the vein of the BEST Indiana Jones film, IJ & The Last Crusade. You'll love it, and it'll love you back. Promise!

PATRICK: Well there you have it, 4 alternatives to this week's lackluster offerings. I give Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle
8 Grahams and Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt (Fearful Symmetry)
7 Grahams.

W. DAL: And I'll give every one of mine
9 Grahams. They're all good! Hell, I didn't even get a chance to plug Final Night, Flash: The Return Of Barry Allen, Midnight Nation, Sleeper, Buffy: Ring Of Fire, Uncle Sam, Sidekicks, Marvel Boy, Unknown Soldier... MAN there's a ton of good books you people haven't bought! And most of these are at our store RIGHT NOW! If you haven't picked up at least ONE by next week, Steve Irwin will've died for nothing. Do you want his blood on your hands? No you don't!

W. DAL: You've got one week, starting.... NOW! 

Hardcover Graphic Novel
Vertigo Comics

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