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Releases for the Week of                
August 9th, 2006

Annihilation 1
Annihilation 1 Incentive Cover
Annihilation the Nova Corps File
Beyond 2
Civil War Frontline 5
Fantastic Four First Family 6
Hulk 97
Marvel Adv. FF 15
Marvel Zombies H/C
Ms. Marvel 6 (civil war)
New X-Men 29
She-Hulk 2 10
Spider-Man Family featuring Amazing Friends
Ultimate Galactus Book 3 Extinction tpb
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 2
Ultimate X-Men 73
Wolverine Origins 5
Wolverine Origins Quesada Sketch variant
Women of Marvel tpb

52 week 14
Authority Lobo Holiday Hell tpb
Batman LODK 209
Batman Strikes 24
Elric 4
Firestorm 28
Green Arrow 65
Green Arrow Heading into the Light tpb
JSA Classified 15
Martian Manhunter 1
Next 2
Seccret Six 3
Superman 655

Fables 52
Y The Last Man 48

Authority Lobo Holiday Hell tpb
Man called Kev 2

Angel Scriptbook 6 art cover
Angel Scriptbook 6 photo cover
Bedlam One Shot
Buckaroo Banzai 2
Conan & the Songs of the Dead 2
Cracked 1
Emmisary 3
Escapists 2
Fathom 10
Little Lulu Vol. 11 tpb
Louis Riel tpb
Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty 7
Negative Burn 3
Perfect Dark Janus Tears 1
Shrugged 2
Shrugged 2 sketch
Sonic the Hedgehog 165
Spike vs Dracula 5
Spike vs Dracula 5 photo cover incentive
Task Force One 2
Transformers Infiltration 6 (100 copy incentive)
Transformers Stormbringer 2
War of the Worlds Second Wave 5

...Wizard World Chicago week yet there's STILL a NEW...

How do you know what to/not to read?  Each week, your online hosts W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER give you a stack of worthless opinions about a book you just read.  After all, without their opinions, you'd just have to rely on your own, and no one wants that.

W. DAL: Alright, So! 52 #13. We're three months in, and DC decides to throw us a curve ball this time out.

PATRICK: First of all, Mean Gene, let me just say that 52 is really holding, not only my, but most other fan's interest thus far. Having so many stories play out up to this point really makes people come back for more while waiting for their favorites.

PATRICK: That being said we now get a full-issue story. Nice way to break it up and keep it interesting!

W. DAL: Yeah, for real. And it's cool to see a new(ish) character get the spotlight. DC had said from the outset that they were going to introduce lots of new characters through 52, and MAN are they delivering! First Supernova, then Batwoman, then Isis, now Aztek! Completely fun!

PATRICK: Who is he? Where does he come from? What is this big evil he's here to prevent? So many questions in a single issue that insure I'll keep reading to find out the answers!

W. DAL: True, it's a great start. But unfortunately, there are a few problems. First off, while Grant Morrison's ideas come through crystal-clear, I'm not seeing too much of the other 3 writers. There were a few instances where I thought "This doesn't seem like Morrison's", but over all it felt like he wrote the whole thing himself. If I wanted that, I could go read JLA or one of his other DC series from 2000. That's not why I read 52, you know?

PATRICK: Do you really want to be able to pick out each writer's individual work? I wish I couldn't figure out which was Greg Rucka's...

PATRICK: But yeah, it did really feel just like Grant did it all himself and that the others weren't pulling their weight.

W. DAL: The bit in the hospital felt like Rucka's, to me...

PATRICK: Why? Were there lesbians there I didn't notice?

W. DAL: Don't ask! Don't tell!

W. DAL: And the close in the newsroom was VERY Mark Waid...

W. DAL: Anyway, and after a few really bum sub-plots I hate to rag on this, but where are all the other characters for a week?

PATRICK: Chill, dude, its only 1 week! I don't mind waiting knowing that it won't be 30 days before this plays out!

W. DAL: Sure, I guess. And I shouldn't really complain so much. This is a very cool character that's got a lot going for it. After all, he was co-created by GRANT MORRISON! How can that not be worth reading about?

PATRICK: And to tell you the truth, I really didn't miss Keith Giffen's breakdowns. Part of the charm of 52 is using lesser-known or unknown artists, so with that in mind, this new guy is more than up to the task!

W. DAL: Yeah, and it's nice to see an old hand like Keith Champagne making the pages shine. Quite a team on this book.

PATRICK: I don't know who N. Steven Harris is (didn't he play Doogie Howser?) but I look forward to following his career for a long time to come.

W. DAL: With any luck, DC'll see how good this week's issue is and spin this Aztek off into his own book. I don't see how they could fail with a writer like Morrison at the helm, you know?

PATRICK: Yeah, regardless of who he's teaming up with on the writing chores, whomever he decides to throw a bone to and let them eek out a living on Morrison's name!

W. DAL: It's just so cool to see some new ideas from DC, isn't it? After a million BatSuperOfAmerica books on the stands, it's so reassuring to see DC really let a talented creator cut loose. And with something like that, you can't lose!

PATRICK: Hey, you don't need to sell me! I can't wait for this brilliant character to get his own action figure! That's how strong of a concept I feel this is. How often do I have this kind of faith in an untested, unknown character??

W. DAL: I know, I know. Man, I feel like could talk about this issue for ten months. But, we're nearly out of time. What do you give 52 #13?


  8 Grahams for a stellar debut. I have 2 Grahams reserved yet to see how high this can climb!

W. DAL: Man, I'm going for broke.

  10 GRAHAMS! Best issue of 52 yet. If DC can keep churning out books like this, Marvel better start looking over their shoulder.

PATRICK: True dat. Well thanks for helping avoid a "repeat" week and a "best of" column.  How lucky are you, dear reader, that we work so hard to ensure even when we're super-@$$ busy due to Wizard World, we still present you with a brand-spanking new column! Bam! That's telekinesis, Kyle!

W. DAL: For realsies. Now, it's off to greet our adoring public at Wizard World Chicago. ATTENTION ADORING PUBLIC! Please bring us chocolate chip cookies and your 18-25 year old attractive single (or trapped in a loveless relationship) female relatives. PS. Low standards a definite plus. See you in Rosemont!

(EDITOR'S NOTE:  At press time, 52 Week #13 was unavailable for review.  Instead, participants were supplied with copies of AZTEK The Ultimate Man #1 from 1996. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause.)

DC Comics

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