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Releases for the week of                
August 3rd, 2006

Agents of Atlas 1
Fantastic Four 539
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 11
Marvel Milestones Millie the Model/Patsy Walker
Marvel Team Up 23
Moon Knight 4
New Excalibur 10
Punisher 36
Ultimate Spider-Man 98
Uncanny X-Men 477

52 Week 13
All-New Atom 2
Batman Son of the Demon (New Printing)
Creeper 1
Detective Comics 822
Jonah Hex 10
Omac 2
Outsiders 39

Exterminators 8
Y The Last Man 48

Battler Britton 2
Ex Machina 22
Manifest Eternity 3

Artesia Besieged 2
Bomb Queen vs. Blacklight
BPRD Universal Machine 5
Devil’s Panties 3
Doll & Creature 4
Dusty Star 1
Emissary 2
Fallen Angel 7
Fell 2 (4th Print)
Gold Digger 76
Grimm Fairy Tales 8
Invincible 34
Lady Death Blacklands Cover A
Leading Man 2
Mouse Guard 4
Noble Causes 22
Oz Wonderland Chronicles 1 Jusko Cover
Oz Wonderland Chronicles 1 Noto Cover
Scatterbrain 3
Shonen Jump 45
Sixgun Samurai 6
Stargate Atlantis Wraithfall 1 Cover A
Starship Troopers Dead Man’s Hand 1 Cover A
Tales of TMNT 25
Usagi Yojimbo 95
Villains 3
Warhammer 40,000 Convention Special
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse 1
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse 1 Incentive Cover

Fruits Baskets vol. 14
Kare Kano vol. 20
Yu gi Oh Duelist vol. 16
Yu Gi Oh Millennium World vol. 4
Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 10

Absolute Kingdom Come HC
Concrete vol. 6
Exterminators Bug Brothers
I Am Going to be Small
New X-Men Childhood’s End vol. 2
Spider-Man Visionaries Kurt Busiek vol. 1
Strangers in Paradise vol. 18
Walking Dead vol. 1 HC SGN
X-Factor the Longest Night HC

Doctor Who 372
Heavy Metal Sep 2006
Inquest Gamer 137
Lee’s Toy Review 166
Scrye 100
SFX 146
TV Zone 205

Archie 568
Archie Double Digest 172
Betty 158
Justice League Unlimited 24
Looney Tunes 141
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 18
Return to Labrynth vol. 1

Batman B&W Statue by Steve Rude
BTVS Spike & Angel Deluxe Series 2
Hellboy Chinese Figure

Batman Focused

Marvel Heroes
X-Men 3 Movie

...try to ignore Civil War...  ...can't do it, can ya?...

How do you know what to read?  What NOT to read?  Every week, we, color commentator W. DAL BUSH and play-by-play man PATRICK BROWER, give you a stack of worthless opinions  After all, without our opinions, you'd just have to rely on your own!

PATRICK: *groan*

PATRICK: May as well get this over with...

W. DAL: Yay! That's the spirit, Princess!

PATRICK: Bite me.

W. DAL: Indeed. See, this is the attitude Marvel engenders with eleventy-two different Civil War tie-ins in one week. So, much like they won't stop releasing them, we won't stop reviewing them. Or being pissy about it.

PATRICK: Please, just shoot me so I don't have to read Black Panther #18.

W. DAL: No! Then who would shoot me?

PATRICK: We could stand in a line and the bullet would go thru us both.

W. DAL: Eh. Let's see how this goes. All these reviews may end up killing us first.

W. DAL: Alright, let's get on with this train-wreck. For no other reason, in reverse alphabetical order: The Wolverine #44.

PATRICK: Okay, not to sound like a repeat of my comments for #43, good story; awful art.

PATRICK: I really enjoy what Mark Guggenheim is doing with The Wolverine and I'm actually saddened to learn that he's only writing this arc.

W. DAL: It's like you'd mentioned to me a couple of days ago: you'd been waiting years for the "The Wolverine 's naked and fighting big men in the forest" comic, but it's disappointing to have it drawn by Humberto Ramos. For me, the whole thing was a little creepy, and the "shock" conclusion was all wet.


W. DAL: Dumb.

PATRICK: I think they executed the ending swimmingly.

W. DAL: Sorry, what? I don't follow.

PATRICK: Um, I made a joke about it being water-related ‘cause the ‘surprise’ behind-the-scenes guy was Namor.

W. DAL: A joke? Huh. If you say so.

W. DAL: Anyway cupcake, we’ve got too many books to review for me to actually care about your opinions this week so I say

  7 Grahams, mainly due to strategic leaf placement.


  7 Grahams as well because—

W.DAL: Don’t care! Next!

PATRICK: Okay, using your format we’re at possibly Bendis’ best issue of New Avengers yet, #22.

W. DAL: Oh that just says SO much. Look at you; you’re the prettiest of all the ugly girls.

W. DAL: You know how much I can like Bendis and you remember the issue of Powers that I rightly loved and you stupidly shunned? Well, this isn’t that good.

PATRICK: So do you like it or what, man?

W. DAL: Eh, let me just say, “eh.” It’s always good to see Jessica Jones and I dug Cage’s monologue on civil rights, so yeah fine. And I love that Lenil Francis Yu’s work is FINALLY seen the way it was meant to be seen—un-inked! BURN! Eat it, Brower!

PATRICK: You hurtful little b@$t@rd! I am not a tracer! I add depth and dimension to every panel! *sniff* I HATE YOU!

  7 Grahams.

W. DAL: Sorry, muffin.

  8 Grahams.

W. DAL: Civil War Young Avengers Runaways #1.

PATRICK: Wow. Probably my favorite CW book to date. Both Zeb Wells and Stefano Caselli nail the looks and sounds of each team. And of course the Runaways have no idea that registration’s going on. Why would they?

W. DAL: Um, because they have an Ultron on the team? You’re telling me he doesn’t get CNN? Or at least AM radio? But yeah, a super-fun book with artwork I don’t hate, even though it’s not from Takeshi Miyazawa!

PATRICK: Why not Adrian Alphona?

W. DAL: Shhh---grow-up speaking!

W. DAL: As I was saying, thank you very much,

  9 Grahams!


  9 Grahams!

W. DAL: Get your OWN score Mr. Copypants!

PATRICK: Fine! I will, and it’ll be on Civil War Front Line #4!

PATRICK: I still don’t like it.

W. DAL: Jesus, what DO you like? I thought I was the jaded one here? Oh that’s right, I have standards—you just hate.

PATRICK: Hate is what I am and underneath this heart there beats the heart of man!

W. DAL: What? What are you even talking about? How does this apply to CW:FL?? Why do I even do this with you? Where’s Rick? Where’s Jimmy? Where’s Brad Westwood??

PATRICK: *AHEM* Anyway, CW:FL is dull and I still hate the way Bachs draws Ben Urich’s glasses! Look at the cover then look inside. Totally different. Night and freaking day. And oh joy, the Green Goblin is back.

W. DAL: Get over it, seriously. Look past the glasses.

W. DAL: And isn’t it time for your nap, Granpa?

W. DAL: The Speedball back-up continues to be worth the $2.99 alone with this book and the main story always presents a good background story to compliment the main CW title. That’s its purpose.

PATRICK: I thought bilking fans out of $6 a month was its purpose. And seriously, Typeface? Come on! Quit using your own characters that no one else cares about!!

  5 Grahams.

W. DAL: Did you create a character called Fontman or something? You must have because there’s no reason for this to bug you that much. You big girl.

  7 Grahams!

PATRICK: Lastly, because Black Panther doesn’t have the full CW face dress/cover design so it don’t count, Amazing Spider-Man #534! Ron Garney drawing Cap again! Yee-haw!

W. DAL: *mmph*! *mmph* *MMPH*!

PATRICK: Hey, HEY! Quiet!

PATRICK: Owwww--stop biting me!!!


PATRICK: Uh oh...

PATRICK: Um, hey buddy? When'd you get here?

W. DAL: Why would you DO that?

W. DAL: "Oh, I'm Pat Brower! I'm going to knock out Dal and spend a week making him looking a ******bag! Let me adjust my monocle!" HOW DARE YOU, SIR!

W. DAL: Take your monocle AND your chloroform-soaked rag and CRAM IT!

W. DAL: Jeez. Totally unprofessional.

PATRICK: Oh come on! All I wanted to do was add some class to this thing for once and here you are, regaining consciousness and s#!tting all over my upper-class column of educated goodness!

PATRICK: Look how mean you were to me even knocked out!

W. DAL: When did you stop using your Official Graham Crackers Blackjack to knock people out anyway? At least that had some class to it.

W. DAL: Grr. Anyway, let's show how considerate *I* am by finishing this up. What's left to review, anything?

PATRICK: Just AMS #534, sir.

W. DAL: Alright, lucky me! I loved this issue! Almost everything missing from last issue (y'know, a fight) were here in spades, stars AND stripes! Completely cool!

PATRICK: So much more respect given to Captain America here than in CW #3.

W. DAL: Yeah, for real. Plus the art was great, no Mary Jane, no Aunt May, no FF, this thing had it ALL! It even stopped global warming!

PATRICK: Really? It warmed ME up, in that special, special way.

PATRICK: And I'm looking to buy some pages from it, too! Even if Garney's original art is overpriced!

W. DAL: So's Bill Reinhold's. Price-fixing isn't just for railroad tycoons anymore, I guess. So what would you give our Friendly Nei... uh, our Amazing Spider-Man?


  7 Grahams.

PATRICK: And you, your now-thoroughly-consciousness?

W. DAL: Man, why you always got to rag on my being-awake-y-ness?

  8 Grahams for Spidey. Wow. I'm still a little groggy from my knocking out. We better call this one. Whew. Okay, next week we're going to be at Wizard World (stop by the Graham Crackers mega-center! Get your Grahamtagonisms signed!) so next week's will be a reprint, or as Marvel calls it "Variant Edition". But in TWO WEEKS...

W. DAL: The FIRST ANNUAL Grahamtagonism of a major comic show. That's right: Wizard World Chicago - Retaileration! Lock up your publishers! Kiss your Artist Alley goodbye! WE'VE COME FOR YOUR CON!

PATRICK: It won't be pretty--'cause we're not either!

Robot! Monkey!
Marvel Comics

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