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Releases for the week of                
July 26th, 2006

All New Official Handbook 7
Amazing Spider-Man 534
Annihilation Ronan 4
Black Panther 18
Black Panther 18 Incentive Cover
Captain America 20
Civil War Front Line 4
Civil War Young Avengers Runaways 1
Daredevil 87
Exiles 84
Marvel Spotlight Kirkman/Land
New Avengers 22
Powers 19
Storm 6
Wolverine 44
X-Men 189

52 Week 12
Action Comics 841
Batman 655
Batman 655 Incentive Cover
Birds of Prey 96
Blue Beetle 5
Crisis Aftermath The Spectre 3
Hawkgirl 54
JLA Classified 25
JSA Classified 14
Nightwing 122
Supergirl 8
Warlord 6

Jack of Fables 1
Loveless 9
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere 8

American Way 6
Astro City Samaritan Special

Angel Scriptbook 5 art cover
Angel Scriptbook 5 photo cover
Angel Spotlight Doyle Cover A
Angel Spotlight Doyle Cover B
Angel Spotlight Doyle Cover C
Angel Spotlight Doyle Cover D
Angel Spotlight Doyle Incentive Cover
Army of Darkness 9 Cover A
Army of Darkness 9 Cover B
Army of Darkness 9 Cover C
Army of Darkness 9 Cover D
Army of Darkness 9 Cover Sneek Peek Incentive Cover
Army of Darkness 9 Virgin Incentive Cover
Autumn 5
Battle Pope Color 9
Black Harvest 6
Black Plague 1
Black Plague 1 Previews Cover
Black Plague 1 Graham Crackers Exclusive Cover
Casanova 2
Castle Waiting vol. II #1
Corporate Ninja 3
Dragonpro 1
Fear Agent 6
Godland 12
Highlander 0 art cover
Highlander 0 photo cover
Highlander 0 Incentive Cover
Jeremiah Harm 4
Killer 7 #4
Lady Death Shi Preview
Lullaby 4
Lullaby 4 Incentive Cover
Meat Cake 15
Mouse Guard 2 (2nd Print)
PS238 #17
Red Sonja 12 Jim Lee Cover
Red Sonja 12 George Perez Cover
Red Sonja 12 Rubi Incentive Cover
Revved 1
Road to Hell 1
Rocketo 10
Savage Dragon 0
She Dragon 1
Sidekick 2
Spawn 158
Spike vs. Dracula 4 joe coroney cover
Spike vs. Dracula 4 zach howard cover
Spike vs. Dracula 4 sean murphy cover
Spike vs. Dracula 4 eric wright cover
Spike vs. Dracula 4 Incentive Photo Cover
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 7
Strangers in Paradise 83
Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight 2
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 39
Transformers Generations 5 Cover A
Transformers Generations 5 Cover B
War of the Worlds Second Wave 5
Xena 1 fabiano neves tan cover
Xena 1 photo cover
Xena 1 incentive sketch cover

Cromartie High School vol. 7
Trigun Maximum vol. 9

30 Days of Night 3 Tales
But I Like It HC
Captain America Red Menace
Clerks II The Screenplay
Death’s Head vol. 3.0
FF Books of Doom HC
Hellblazer All His Engines SC
Love as a Foreign Language Omnibus vol. 1
Lucifer vol. 10
Marvel Masterworks Captain America vol. 3 HC
New Excalibur vol. 1
Polly & the Pirates
Silent Hill Dead/Alive
Star Wars Clone Wars vol. 9
Teen Titans vol. 5
Testament Akedah
Wonder Woman Mission's End

Buffy Magazine 26 Newsstand Cover
Buffy Magazine 26 Previews Cover
Dragon 346
Juxtapoz Aug 2006
Newtype English 104
Rough Stuff 1

Avengers & Power Pack Assemble 4
Cartoon Network Block Party 23
Futurama Comics 26
Nancy Drew vol. 6
Sonic X 11
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 8
Tales From Riverdale Digest 13
Teen Titans Go 33
Uncle Scrooge 356
Walt Disney Comics 671

All Star Batman and Robin Statue
Bome vol. 11 Jungle Emi
Punisher First Appearance Statue

...special all-zero episode...

You read a comic book and talk to your friends.  We, color commentator W. DAL BUSH and play-by-play man PATRICK BROWER, read a comic book and talk to each other, all for YOUR benefit.  After all, without our opinions, you'd just have to rely on your own!

W. DAL: Finished all your book-readin'?

PATRICK: I have... in the brand new GC Lounge.

W. DAL: The what, now?

PATRICK: The GC Lounge, located on the mezzanine of the luxurious Downtown Chicago Graham Crackers Comics. It's totally SWEET!

W. DAL: Oh. Slick.

PATRICK: Lounge chair, reading lamp, radio, water cooler, all the things you need to forget you're at work.

W. DAL: See, I call stuff like that "comic books". Y'know, like this week's Justice League Of America #0. Hey! Here's a crazy idea! Why don't we review it? As long as we aren't waking you, cupcake...

W. DAL: And "thinmgs" is the proper tense of "things" in that sentence.

W. DAL: "longe" is way off, though.

PATRICK: No, no, I already came back downstairs to this wretched machine, so we might as well be productive. And I’ve corrected the previous spelling errors so no one has any idea what you’re talking about.

W. DAL: FINE! Here we go. Justice League of America #... wait, am I supposed to capitalize the "of"? Anyway. #0.

PATRICK: Zero, being appropriate, as zero is the number of complains I have with this issue's story.

W. DAL: Aww, don't be modest. I'm sure we'll both find a few things to dislike. About this comic, specifically. Otherwise I'd never shut up...

PATRICK: This is exactly what a zero issue should be; a set-up of things to come but at the same time defining WHY there's to be a Justice League.

PATRICK: Someone (Matt Streets) asked me if I was familiar with all the eras that the story jumps to, and with the obvious exception of all the future stuff, I was. And not because I'm any kind of JLXpert, I'm not, but Brad Meltzer clearly IS so he can focus on the events that meant the most to the three core JL characters.

W. DAL: Yeah, I got all choked up at my misty, watercolor memories of those classic (and Detroit) era of the League. But I don't know. I'm all for internal narration on a solo book (hellooo, Bendis!), but THREE narrators for a team book? Sometimes on the same page? This better be the only issue he pulls this stunt in or I'm going to get 22 headaches next month, one for each page of Meltzer dialogue/lettering (red and yellow text box? Thanks for that...) I'll see in #1.

PATRICK: Well, I was wearing 3D glasses while reading that issue, checking for void residue naturally, so I completely missed the red/yellow box, but I'm sure Jimmy caught it, brother! Whatchagonnado? And I agree about the narration, it does get confusing two-fold in just Superman Batman each month, but I have faith that this was just for the zero issue. For the set-up.

W. DAL: I hope so. I was a little wary about Meltzer coming onboard, to be honest. Everyone DC fan's got their favorite JLA era, and mine was the Morrison run. Crazy adventure, mind-bending plots, EPIC. Such fun stuff. Mostly because he bucked the then-prevalent trend of doing tons of subplots and really getting at the feelings of all the characters. How could he ignore that stuff and still make a great book? Because he realized that *ahem* ALL THESE CHARACTERS HAVE SOLO BOOKS!

W. DAL: I get enough Batman monologue in his eleventeen monthly books, thanks.

PATRICK: Yeah, and I'm sick of Red Tornado always going on like, "Oh, poor me, I'm just a machine." Oh, wait... he doesn’t HAVE a solo book. Nor Vixen or Zatanna or Power Girl... but I get your point and agree as well, I was just being an a$$.

W. DAL: Really? What a shock!

PATRICK: I really think Meltzer is an event writer and with the exception of his Green Arrow arc, he seems to be. However, I worry about his ability to craft long-term stories, or how to deal with the same characters for more than six issues at a time.

PATRICK: With something like Identity Crisis, it was a huge story but all the other DCU writers got to deal with the ramifications. Now we'll see how he can do that on his own. Provided he's on the book long enough...

W. DAL: Yeah, but I think you hit the nail on the head: focus on characters besides the "Magnificent 7". If Justice League Unlimited taught us anything, it's that it's actually MORE fun to have teams like Question-Huntress-Canary-Green Arrow or Flash-Lantern-Supergirl-Captain Atom, you know? Don't copy what Morrison did, you're not that good. No one is. Figure out HOW he did it, but make it your own. And I really do hope he can do that. This issue didn't show it, but still.

PATRICK: See, now you've got me worried because I want this to be the DCU version of the JLU cartoon, but I know it won't be and that makes me sad.

PATRICK: Next you'll tell me Aztek WON'T be on the new League.

W. DAL: Tch. Why would I lie like that? What sort of League would it be without Aztek? More like Justice League of DUMBerica! Ha! Score! Take that, James Joyce!

PATRICK: Yeah! Whoooo!

W. DAL: But before I took shots at less-famous writers than myself, you'd said something about the JLU show. How the hell did that become the defacto "perfect" line-up? Were the last 6 years of comics really that dire? Oh. Wait. Yeah, they were.

PATRICK: It wasn't so much the perfect line-up so much as it had EVERYBODY in it. Yes it started with their version of the 'Magnificent 7,' simply adding Hawkgirl and John Stewart while subtracting Aquaman and Hal, but they let everyone play in the JL sandbox. And that was so damn cool. Why have a limited line-up? Have it be anyone in the DCU! Buuuut that's going far away from an actual review of this particular issue...

W. DAL: Eh. I don't know that it is off-topic. They're going to build a better League next month, we just want to help. Isn't that what we do here? Help?

PATRICK: Yup. It's in my job description! "Help those I feel like at those times what I see fit." Verbatim.

W. DAL: Brilliant. Then let's help them with a two-part close to this week's Grahamtagonism. PART ONE! What d'you give this thing, grade-wise?


   8 Grahams. They'd have made 9 but the J. Scott Campbell 'Incentive' Cover was so bad I wretched for an hour and a half straight. And I wound up puking out 1 whole Graham worth of a rating.

W. DAL: Yeah. That was Wildsiderz-ugly, wasn't it? But aside from that, I'll give it a guarded

  8 Grahams. As a first issue, a little underwhelming. As a zero issue, however, pretty good. So I reserve the right to retroactively downgrade my grade if #1 isn't as well-rounded as J. Scott Campbell's absurdly curvy Wonder Woman.

W. DAL: PART TWO! Next issue sees the debut of Meltzer's perfect 10-member League. If you could assemble a team of absolutely anyone, who'd you pick? Go!

PATRICK: Aztek, the original Blue Devil, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Red Tornado, John Constantine, Doctor Who, Aztek again, Chase and Major Bummer.

W. DAL: I'd want a team that could handle ANYTHING, so mine would be: Batman, Jesse Custer from Preacher, Senator Russ Feingold, Jon Cryer, Jin from Lost (the character, not Daniel Dae Kim. DUH!), Takeshi Miyazawa, Tom Brady, Adam McKay, the Dalai Lama and Kool-Aid Man. And as alternates, Jack Bauer from 24 and Kate Bosworth.

PATRICK: My alternates are Fallon McErlean and your old 'mystery partner' the Downers Grove stepladder!

W. DAL: There you have it! If Meltzer can't include at least 80% of our combined lists, I'm setting DC staffers on fire at Wizard World Chicago. You've been warned, Fletcher! 'Til next week, I'm off to buy kerosene. Stay safe!


DC Comics

Jack Of Fables artist TONY AKINS Signing!
GCC of Lincoln Park
Wednesday 7/26 at 4:00pm!

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