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Releases for the week of                
July 12th, 2006

Annihilation Silver Surfer 4
Annihilation Super Skrull 4
Civil War 1 Director’s Cut
Civil War 2 (2nd Print)
Civil War Front Line 3
Ghost Rider 1
Ghost Rider 1 Silvestri Incentive Cover
Ghost Rider 1 Silvestri Incentive Sketch Cover
Iron Man 10
Kabuki Reflections 6
Ms. Marvel 5
Sensational Spider-Man 28
Spider-Girl 100
Squadron Supreme 5
Thunderbolts 104 (CW)
Ultimate Fantastic Four 31
Ultimate Fantastic Four 31 Sudyam Incentive Cover
Ultimate Spider-Man 97
Wolverine Origins 4
X-Men 188
X-Men 188 Bachalo Incentive Sketch Cover

52 Week 10
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 208
Elfquest the Discovery 4
Firestorm the Nuclear Man 27
Green Arrow 64
Green Lantern 12
Green Lantern Corps 2
JLA Classified 24
Next 1
Superman 654

100 Bullets 74
American Virgin 4
Exterminators 7
Fables 51

A Man Called Kev 1
Rokkin 1

Cemeterians 2
Cobb Off the Leash 2
Cryptics 1
Dorothy 6
Escapists 1
GI Joe America’s Elite 13
Hawaiian Dick Last Resort 4
Hero Squared Ongoing 2
Innocents 1
Knights of the Dinner Table 116
Scarlet Traces the Great Game 1
Shaolin Cowboy 6 Darrow Cover
Shaolin Cowboy 6 Nowlan Cover
Shojo Beat vol. 2 #8
Snakewoman 1
Snakewoman 1 Incentive Cover
Star Wars Legacy 2
Strange Girl 2
Street Fighter II #4 Cover A
Street Fighter II #4 Cover B
Street Fighter II #4 B&W Incentive Ed.
Task Force One 1
Transformers Infiltration 6
Transformers Infiltration 6 Incentive Cover A
Walking Dead 29
Wasteland 1

Avengers Assemble HC vol. 3
Bomb Queen vol. 1
Futurama vol. 3
Iron West
Left Bank Gang
Metal Men Archives vol. 1
New Avengers vol. 2 SC
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol. 1
Superman Infinite Crisis
Untold Tales of the New Universe
X-Men Blood of Apocalypse
X-Men Deadly Genesis HC

Alter Ego 60
Dungeon 137
Tomarts Action Figure Digest 146
Toyfare 109
Video Watchdog 126

Batman Strikes 23
Betty & Veronica Digest 167
Cartoon Network Action Pack 3
Hardy Boys vol. 6
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 14
Sabrina vol. 2 #77
Sonic the Hedgehog 164
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol. 1
Veronica 172

Sunfire Mini-Bust
Superman Magic 8-Ball
Tigra Mini-Bust

Body Bags T-Shirt
Ghost Rider by Silvestri Poster
Wonder Woman by Michael Turner T-Shirt

...a special All Ages edition of...

Good (insert time of day here) Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the column that tells you straight how good or bad the comics you bought last week really are.  Let's join our hosts, color commentator W. DAL BUSH and play-by-play man PATRICK BROWER  as they talk some comics you should/shouldn't read.  And chances are there are spoilers, so be warned.  (Yeah, that's right Dal, you're Tazz and I'm Joey Styles!!)

PATRICK: Well, W. Dal, last week we wrote a collective novel on this whole Civil War thingee. Let's continue that trend by reviewing all the Civil War crossovers from THIS week.

PATRICK: ...um...

PATRICK: ...wait... the Hell? None? There are NONE this week? SIX last week and NONE this week? Well that's some good planning, right kids?

PATRICK: And speaking of kids, who says comics are no longer for kids theses days? I sure don't. Right now there are a cubic ton of all-ages, kid friendly comics on the market, books that tell solid stories while not talking down to their audience. And it just so happens there are some out this week! Are they any good? Wanna find out?

W. DAL: Would it help if I said "meh"? See, I've always (okay, never) said that comics ARE for kids. Especially your Preacher and Black Gas and what not. After all, kids gotta learn to drop f-bombs at some point, right? Anyway, that's what Mr. Rogers said and BY GAWD it's good enough for me. Still, Marvel and DC do churn out a pile of underwhelming All Ages books every month, so there must be at least ONE I can approve of, huh? Let's find out then...

PATRICK: First up, Justice League Unlimited #23. With the end of the amazing JLU cartoon and the absence of a current JLA book, this is pretty much the only place for the Justice League stories you want to see... because JLA Classified sure doesn't count anymore.

W. DAL: What?! VIBE IS IN J.L.A. CLASSIFIED! What is he if not THE first JLA guy you think of? Are you loco?!

W. DAL: See kids, I proved how genuinely ethnic I am by using "loco", just like Vibe does!

W. DAL: Just one of many, many lessons you're going to learn today that your parents will spend weeks undoing. But I don't mind! Children are our furniture, right Whitney Houston?

PATRICK: I thought Whitney Huston's future included jail time...

PATRICK: But I knew you'd bring the current JLAC story up. I actually like the Detroit league, just not Steve Engleheart's current story. And if Vibe is as muy muy macho as you say, where’s his action figure??

W. DAL: True. Hell, even Aztek got a figure.

PATRICK: And Vigilante has one now, too. Super keen!

W. DAL: Anyway, we digress. JLU.

W. DAL: So, way back when the Earth was an airless rock hurtling through the void, I read a TON of great DC animated stories from the likes of Paul Dini, Mark Millar, Kelley Puckett, Scott McCloud, Mark Evanier and more. So it's DC's own fault I went into this with high expectations. And unfortunately, after this issue, I have to say: Give me Vibe or give me death.

PATRICK: Yeah, JLU the comic is nowhere near as cool as the cartoon. It has its ups and downs and sadly this issue is a down.

W. DAL: Totally a down.

PATRICK: One-time assistant editor Mike McAvennie is not the writer Dwayne McDuffie is, fo show!

W. DAL: Word, true. This is just a bland, pointless story missing all the killer plotting and fun twists that made JLU the best animated show on TV for 3 years. Shameful to see that this is the legacy it's leaving in comics.

PATRICK: The story, while simple enough, is totally predictable with a second-to-last page 'reveal' that Tony Valdez's newborn daughter, Myah Rose, even got to first.

PATRICK: And the art was mediocre. Plenty of people do the Mike Parobek style well; some even do it better than their 'real' styles. Leigh Gallagher is standard, at best. Why are we always teased with cool Ty Templeton covers only to be let down?

  5 Grahams.

W. DAL: Yeah, my whole complaint is that this book does what all the great DC kids' writers (see above) spent years NOT doing, which is talking down to the reader. Kids should demand better than this... if they know what's good for them!

  5 Grahams for trying, I guess.

PATRICK: Next up, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #17. Marvel has had trouble figuring out their all ages line with Marvel Age and now Marvel Adventures, but they may have it partly right with MA Spidey. Get bigger name writers to tell good stories. Sean McKeever had a long run, and then Zeb Wells, now fan (except for Dal) fave Peter David returns to the character what brought him to the dance!

W. DAL: Sweet Jesus. I actually had to check the comic to find out that, indeed, Peter David wrote this. Good lord. What happened to him? Is he letting one of his little girls write this?

PATRICK: Aw, come on cranky-pants, this story was fun. Not funny like he tried to make it, but fun. Jack Russell was in it! Who'd have thought he had the time, what with being too busy starting club fires with unauthorized pyrotechn--what? Werewolf-By-Night Jack Russell? NOT the lead singer of Great White? Oh, sorry.

W. DAL: And, just to get you COMPLETELY mad at me, I really dislike Mike Norton's art on this. Yes, honestly.

PATRICK: What? What? Are you bleeding from the eyes or something? Mike's art is fine. He makes Peter look like a high school student when most of the MA artists don't and his Werewolf-By-Night is straight Mike Ploog!

PATRICK: Okay, not really Mike Ploog.

W. DAL: "Fine" is an interesting word to use to describe the art. I'd probably have said "rushed", "unfinished", "sloppy", I can keep going, but I'd rather talk about the experience of this book overall, which would be "sleepy". Man did this book bore me.

PATRICK: I don't want to talk to you anymore about this book.

  6 Grahams.

W. DAL: This is my whole problem with these 2 books: They say ALL AGES on the front, but they really mean IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 10, THIS BOOK WILL INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE FOR 22 PAGES. If they'd put that, I'd have nothing to complain about. But they put ALL AGES, so I've got to give this one another

  5 Grahams.

PATRICK: Alright, b**ch, I DARE you to s**t on Fantastic Four Presents: Franklin Richards Son Of A Genius Super Summer Special!

PATRICK: Go on! I double-Graham dare you!!

PATRICK: See, since this column is also "All Ages" my profanity is reduced to f*****g asterisks.

W. DAL: Sister, I can't take that dare. IT'S TOO GOOD!

W. DAL: This book is bulletproof!

W. DAL: Gee whiz!

PATRICK: Well, WDB, when you're right, you are so f*****g right. This book is a testament to what All Ages SHOULD be.

PATRICK: But that's no surprise as it's co-written by Marc "Power Pack" Sumerak!

W. DAL: This is what I was looking for earlier. A book for ALL. AGES. Much like it's obvious antecendant (there's your vocabulary word, kids) Calvin & Hobbes, this is a book that anyone who can read would like. Even illiterates can dig them purty pitchers by Chris Eliopoulos!

W. DAL: Fun fun fun in every single one of the 6 (SIX!) stories. And only $2.99! Why would you buy anything else?

PATRICK: So this ISN'T a non-potty mouth Barry Ween?

W. DAL: Barry Ween? Why not reference Yellow Kid, Gram'pa?

W. DAL: Join us in the 21st Century!

PATRICK: Dal! You KNOW both my Gram'pa's are dead! Why are you so mean?!?

PATRICK: Like you don't worship Judd Winnick!

PATRICK: Ooopps--outta room!

  9 Grahams!

W. DAL: Well, maybe if you let them read this Franklin Richards book they'll come back to life. This book is THAT miraculous. It is all things to all people.

  10 Grahams because I can't give anything more.

PATRICK: You mean as a score, or in life in general?

W. DAL: Both! So, yeah. Most kids books are only good for E-Z Readers, but Marvel's got a few aces up it's sleeve: the aforementioned Franklin Richards and the woefully overlooked Power Pack and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, both available in affordable compilations. Like, $6 affordable!

PATRICK: So those 3 titles combined get

30 Grahams!

W. DAL: Man! I wish we'd reviewed those instead of another stinky Peter David book. Next week, let's review something manga so I don't accidentally read another one of his stories...

PATRICK: Fallen Angel it is! See you next week!

W. DAL: GAH! I mean, later!

Christopher Mitten Art!
Oni Press

Wednesday July 12
2 Artist Signings!

WT: Christopher Mitten

LP: Gregory Titus
Annihilation Super Skrull

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