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Releases for the week of                
June 21st, 2006

Annihilation Nova 3
Astonishing X-Men 15
Captain America 19
Eternals 1
Eternals 1 JRJR Incentive Cover
Eternals 1 JRJR Incentive Sketch Cover
Eternals 1 Coipel Incentive Cover
Eternals 1 Fictional Incentive Cover
Giant Size Hulk 1
Haunt of Horror Edgar Allen Poe 2
Iron Man 9
Last Planet Standing 4
Marvel Westerns Outlaw Files
New Avengers 20
New Excalibur 8
Ultimates 2 #11
Uncanny X-Men 474
Uncanny X-Men Annual 1
X-Men Fairy Tales 2

52 Week 7
All Star Superman 4
Birds of Prey 95
Flash The Fastest Man Alive 1
Flash The Fastest Man Alive 1 Incentive Cover
JSA Classified 13
Justice 6
Man-Bat 3
Manhunter 23
Robin 151
Sgt. Rock the Prophecy 6
Shadowpact 2
Superman Batman 27
Superman Returns Lex Luthor

Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit 3
Hellblazer 221
Swamp Thing 28
Testament 7

Claw the Unconquered 1
Ex Machina 21

Angel The Curse Cover Gallery
Angel Scriptbook 4
Army of Darkness 8 Cover A
Army of Darkness 8 Cover B
Army of Darkness 8 Cover C
Army of Darkness 8 Cover D
Army of Darkness 8 Cover E
Army of Darkness 8 Cover F
Casanova 1
City of Heroes 14
Conan 29
Conan Book of Thoth 4
Criminal Macabre Feet of Clay
Dork Tower 34
Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink 3
Fallen Angel 6
Girls 14
Jenna and Ninja High School 3
Love & Capes 1
Noble Causes 21
Nodwick 33
Purgatori 6
Red Sonja 11 Cover A
Red Sonja 11 Cover B
Red Sonja 11 Cover C
Red Sonja 11 Cover D
Red Sonja 11 Cover E
Red Sonja 11 Cover F
Rising Stars Untouchable 5
Scatterbrain 2
Shadowhawk 13
Shojo Beat vol. 2 #7
Star Wars Legacy 1
Star Wars Rebellion 3
Stardust Kid 4
Starship Troopers 3
Starship Troopers Directors Cut 1
Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight 1
Witchblade 99
X Isle 1

Megatokyo vol. 4
Octopus Girl vol. 2
Zatch Bell vol. 7

Amazing Joy Buzzards vol. 2
Angel: Old Friends
Batman Dynamic Duo Archives vol. 2 HC
Champions Classics vol. 1
Comic Book Holocaust
Conan vol. 3
Essential Savage She Hulk vol. 1
Fear Agent vol. 1
Green Lantern Corps Recharge
Invincible vol. 6
The Keep
Love as a Foreign Language vol. 5
Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid vol. 1 HC
Mome vol. 4
Showcase Presents Superman vol. 2
Supergirl: Power
Uncanny X-Men New Age vol. 4
Wonder Woman vol. 4

Doctor Who 370
Dreamwatch USA 21
Newtype May 2006
Newtype English July 2006
Protoculture Addicts 88
SFX 144
Wizard Anime Insider 34

Archie 567
Gargoyles 1
Marvel Adventures Avengers 2
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man vol. 3
Princess Natasha 1
Scooby Doo 109
Simpsons Comics 119
Tales from Riverdale Digest 2
Uncle Scrooge 355
Walt Disney’s Comics 670

Batman Magnetic Tin Sign
Ike Inachuu Trading Figure Assortment
Super Skrull Mini-Bust
Superman Batman Collector’s Set
Superman Magnetic Tin Sign
Wonder Woman Magnetic Tin Sign

New Avengers
Punisher Out Plotted
X-Men Storm Weather Witch

How to Self-Publish Comics 4
HTDM Computones vol. 4

...the most shocking episode yet of...

So there's these two guys, see? W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWERAnd they talk about a comic book you just bought and read last week.  Only, you won't know if you like it or not until they tell you.  So, get to reading!

W.DAL: Sweet Christmas in June! Marvel wrapped up the most controversial ending imaginable in this week’s Civil War #2, and there’s nothing to stop Patrick and myself from tearing into that baby and feasting on the GRAHAMTAGONISM inside!

PATRICK: Nothing, that is, except spoiling the story for you. And if you know us like we know us, you’ll know that doesn’t bother us. If you don’t know us, SPOILER WARNING… and shame on you!

W.DAL: Indeed. They’ll get theirs. Anyhoo, this Civil War thing. Spidey UNMASKED! Not, as one recent customer said, “Spider-Man exposes himself”. That’s a MAX title if I ever heard one.

PATRICK: Marvel really went crazy this time. How did this sound like a good idea to anyone? Is this just so they could bring back the “Peter Parker, Spider-Man” title and have that be his whole name?

W.DAL: Eh. It seems crazy at first, but I’m really warming to it. At the very least, it’s got everyone talking. That’s got to be an indication that they’re on the right track.

PATRICK: Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn what? Just because Spidey fans are furious doesn’t mean that Marvel’s on to something. Otherwise, we’d be webshooter deep in Spider-clones right now!

W.DAL: True, Marvel’s made a few missteps with the Spider-franchise, but that doesn’t keep me from thinking that if you want to pull a move this ballsy, you better have your plot locked down tight.

PATRICK: Gwen Stacy & Norman Osborn what? Seriously, that amount of “missteps” Marvel’s made over the past few years reads like a list of every single plotline they’ve done… and I’m a Spidey fan. I can’t take anymore Iron Spider, Other, Wild Blue Yonder, Sins Past, Sins Remembered, I could literally go on all day.

W.DAL: You don’t have to tell me. I’m the one who called “Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane” the best Spidey book out, remember? But, I don’t know. I guess I’m just psyched to see something so insane that, well, it just HAS to work. Remember when Daredevil got unmasked? That turned out to be the best DD story since Born Again, even with Bendis writing it.

PATRICK: Need I explain the differences between Daredevil and Spider-Man? Just because a plot worked great for one character, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for another. If that were true, we’d be raving about Cap being a drunk and “Thing: Born Again”. We aren’t, because that’d be dumb.

W.DAL: I don’t know. Cap being a drunk could be awesome, in an “All-Star Batman” sort of way.

PATRICK: Regardless, there’s so much evidence of Marvel just flat-out ruining this story (and character) that I don’t see how you couldn’t be scared. I’ve got to think that judging this plot optimistically based on THREE PAGES OF STORY comes off a little premature. And if anyone would know premature it’s you, right Dal?


W.DAL: Hey, thanks for that. Well, let’s wrap this fiasco up. I’m saying this story is going to be good. Good, you hear me? I LOVE COMICS! Wheee!

PATRICK: And I’m convinced that, like Grahamtagonism, this Spidey Unmasked stuff will be a fiasco, as acknowledged by Marvel as a Spider-Buggy. That said, in honor of Spidey unmasking, I have a huge announcement. Ready?

W.DAL: Yikes. Um, sure.

PATRICK: <sound of unmasking> My name is Counter-Dal, and I’ve been Patrick Brower since about 12 minutes ago. Any questions?
(Sweet Riveting Reveals!  Counter-Dal hasn't been seen since GRAHAMTAGONISM #0, back in the printed days! ~The Real Patrick)

W.DAL: Huh? Yeah… what?

COUNTER-DAL: Pat couldn’t make it this week, so I filled in, all incognitoish.

W.DAL: So… wait. Don’t I write your stuff too?


W.DAL: So, this just got debated by me and me?

COUNTER-DAL: You and Counter-you, technically. But yeah.

W.DAL: Aw, man. Did I burn myself AGAIN? Half a page ago?

COUNTER-DAL: Yep. Nice work, genius.

W.DAL: Dang. Okay. Review’s done, shocking surprise is done, denouement is done. Vocabulary word of the day, also done. Let’s bring it home. I’m genuinely excited to see where Marvel goes with this. It’s out there, they can’t take it back, now Civil War can get amazingly (no pun intended) good.

   8 Grahams for taking a hell of a chance.

COUNTER-DAL: See, you just said it: they can’t take it back. Much like the atrocious “Origin”, there’s a reason why a taboo plot wasn’t touched. IT’S BECAUSE EVERYONE KNEW BETTER! And something this big can taint a character for years when you mess it up.

   5 Grahams for wrecking Spider-Man.

W.DAL: Lame. You’ve got me so mad at myself I don’t even know how to wrap up this week’s wrap up. BLAST YOU, DAL!

COUNTER-DAL: *tch* That ought to be your catchphrase.

W.DAL: I JUST BURNED MYSELF AGAIN! Gahh! I’m done. Pat’ll be back next week, and this thing won’t be such a lunatic cry-for-help. Maybe. Have fun!

Brand New #1

DC Comics

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