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Releases for the week of                
June 14th, 2006

Annihilation Super Skrull 3
Cable Deadpool 29
Civil War 2
Civil War 2 Turner Incentive Cover
Civil War 2 Turner Incentive Sketch Cover
Exiles 82
Four 30 (Final Issue)
Marvel Romance Redux Love is a 4-Letter Word
Marvel Westerns Two Gun Kid
Ms. Marvel 4
Sensational Spider-Man 27
Spider-Girl 99
Squadron Supreme 4
Thunderbolts 103
Ultimate X-Men 71
Wolverine Origins 3 Quesada Cover
Wolverine Origins 3 Bryan Hitch Cover

52 Week 6
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 207
Checkmate 3
Elric Making of a Sorcerer 3 (WOW--Remember THAT Book???)
Firestorm the Nuclear Man 26
Green Arrow 63
Green Lantern Corps 1
JLA Classified 22
Nightwing 121
Superman 653
Superman Returns Ma Kent

100 Bullets 73
American Virgin 4
Crisis Aftermath Battle for Bludhaven 5
Fables 50

Captain Atom Armageddon 9
Ex Machina Special 2
Red Sonja Claw Devil’s Hands 4

Angel Spotlight Wesley
Angel Spotlight Wesley Incentive Cover
Battle Pope Color 8
Blade of the Immortal 114
Bloodrayne Twin Blades
Chicanos 8
Fear Agent 5
Flare 34
GI Joe America’s Elite 12
Knights of the Dinner Table 115
Monster House
Nightwolf 0
Portent 3
Public Enemy 0
Red Sonja Claw Devil’s Hands 4
Rocketo 9
Shanda the Panda 45
Shrugged 1
Super F$$$$$S 3
Supermarket 3
Supermarket 3 Incentive Cover
Tag 1
Tales of Woodsman Pete
Transformers Generations 4
Umbra 1
Ursa Minors 1

Bachelor Prince
Battle Angel Alita Last Order vol. 7
Crying Freeman vol. 2
Blind Date
Flame of Recca vol. 18
Reiko the Zombie Shop vol. 3

Can’t Get No
Daredevil vol. 5 HC
Flaming Carrot vol. 6
Hellspawn Ashley Wood Collection
JLA Classified New Maps of Hell
Little Lulu vol. 10
Mage vol. 2 Hero Defined
Marvel Team Up vol. 3
Nexus Archives vol. 3 HC
She Hulk vol. 3
Star Wars Omnibus X-Wing Rogue Squadron
Stupid Comics Collection
Superman vs. Lex Luthor

Comic Book Nerd 1
Giant Robot 42
Mad 467
Toyfare 108

Archie & Friends 101
Archie Digest 226
Batman Strikes 22
Betty & Veronica Double Digest 143
Cartoon Network Action Pack 2
Cartoon Network Block Party vol. 3
Cartoon Network Block Party vol. 4
Donald Duck and Friends 341
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 13
Mickey Mouse and Friends 290
Sonic the Hedgehog 163
Veronica 171

Living Dead Dolls Series 11
Moon Knight Statue
Superman Batman Series 2

Superman Shadows

Writing for Comics with Peter David

...a tenacious edition of...

We don't mind sucking on toes!  Good luck finding a boyfriend who sucks toes.  Grahamtagonism with DB & PB, now you're talkin' double team supreme.  


W. DAL: Wheee! Pat's back! Let's Grahtagonismerize!

PATRICK: I just got back from Wizard World Philly and it's a Wonder the Woman I saw!

W. DAL: Wheee! Pat's back! Let's segway! Okay, okay. DC finally made things easy on us by releasing a huge new series that has everyone asking one question: "When's Flash coming out?" Wait, sorry. Two questions. The Flash one, and "Is the new Wonder Woman book any good?"

PATRICK: And my answer is this: June 21st.

W. DAL: To both questions, actually. Thank you for reading! Have a great week!

PATRICK: Next week in Grahamtagonism we'll talk about last week's blockbuster sold-out release, Ultimates 2 #11.

PATRICK: Until then, peace!

W. DAL: ...

W. DAL: ...

PATRICK: ...wait...

PATRICK: …did we...

W. DAL: Aw, man. We've still got to review Wonder Woman. I TOTALLY BURNED MYSELF!



PATRICK: Yes, so Wonder Woman #1.

PATRICK: Actually, funny story, I'm so G-d damn cool that I got to read this book a whole week before any of you lesser-cool people.

PATRICK: Actually, that's NOT a funny story, but I'm still G-d damn cool!

PATRICK: And so is Allan Heinberg.

W. DAL: True! To all of that: the not-funny ESPECIALLY, Mr. E-Z Reader. Allan Heinberg put together a heck (can I say heck?) of a book this time out. For my taste, it's not the home run that his Young Avengers #1 was, but it's definitely looking like a book to stick with.

PATRICK: I actually used a version of that line to many people this week. It's a great starting point but not as compelling as YA #1. One of the problems I have with it is the immediacy of the story. It takes place across what, five minutes of time in the DC Universe?

W. DAL: Yeah, by the time I got to the last page, I thought "Aw, man. That's it?" And not in a good way. Not in the Young Avengers #1 "You tool! How can you make me wait four weeks for more of this? It's too good!" This was more of the Bendis-y "...that's it? All that build-up for that little bit of story?" By the time I was getting into it, it was over. This whole thing was a little slice of Premature Ending.

PATRICK: But, and they get major props from me on this... Nemesis! How cool is that??

W. DAL: Yeah, but... the way that he got brought back was so needlessly convoluted. Why was he disguised? Did he get himself kidnapped? What the f?

PATRICK: Ah my little anxious tell-me-now-gramite, I have faith that all will be revealed. Certainly Nemesis wouldn't get captured unless he was SUPPOSED to get captured. And he did point out that Dr. Psycho was too distracted to see thru his disguise, so the baddies are supposed to think he's Steve Trevor.

W. DAL: Alright, well since we're SPOILERS AHOY, explain this, Explainy: Do they not know that Agent Diana Prince is Wonder Woman? SERIOUSLY?!

PATRICK: First of all, Questionnaire, is she? Is she really? Second of all, don't they?

PATRICK: Do you really expect a story so thin that you can see thru it in the first issue? Did YOU know that Wiccan was Scarlet Witch's son?

W. DAL: No, I get that there's more story to tell down the line, but I need more to get excited about the next issue. Otherwise, it's just Catwoman One Year Later and I don't care in two months. You know?

PATRICK: Uch, let me reiterate... NEMESIS!

PATRICK: And someone's in a classic WW costume ion the cover...

W. DAL: Yeah, yeah. Nemesis. HOORAY! I'm so excited I can barely remember why I should care!

W. DAL: And that is a decidedly sweet cover. Them Dodsons know from curvy dames...

PATRICK: Remember when Jimmy interviewed Terry and he came off as such a colossal perver--uh, I mean, a devout admirer of the female form? Specifically their big, round, gravity-defying... shoulders...?

PATRICK: 'Cause with that attitude, he could work here!

W. DAL: See, now he won't. Nice job, Brower! You blew it for everyone! Regardless, he's got too much of a future on Wonder Woman. The second DC announced The Dodsons on WW, I think anyone familiar with their art thought "Oh, of course." Which in a way, is kind of a problem. This book looks EXACTLY like you think it would; which is another way of saying there's no surprise to it.

PATRICK: Well at least they don't have Adam Hughes covers to completely hammer in the stereotype.

W. DAL: That's true, but still. I love seeing something like Andy Clarke on Detective or Olivier Coipel on Legion where you can't wait to see what they're going to do next. This is just... I don't know. There's no spark to me. It reads well and is technically well done, but... yeah, I don't know. That's the thing with art. Sometimes it just feels wrong. Are you with me?

PATRICK: At the risk of offending Dodson fans everywhere, and reiterating what you just said about it being technically proficient and all, it just seems... lite... as if I always expect more than what he gives. Does that make sense to you? I think it really hit me back in Epic's "Trouble" mini-series.

PATRICK: Dare I say Terry Dodson is just a tighter Frank Cho?

W. DAL: Ha ha! You read Trouble! What's next, Princess? Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane? The O.C.? Oh, wait. That's me. But yeah, I was actually thinking of his Marvel Knights Spidey run. That looked like he was trying new stuff, really growing as an artist. This is just Terry "Generation X" Dodson...

PATRICK: And this is just the end of another controversial edition of Grahamtagonism. What say you?

W. DAL: I liked it and all, which is more than I can say for some previous WW runs (all of volume one, volume two #1-194), but I guess with the creators involved and the specualtion/hype/manipulation that it could've been so much more.
8 Grahams, but still disappointing. And speaking of disappointing... Pat?


8 Grahams as well. And remember kids, direct all comments to wdalbush@grahamcrackers.com! Feel free to call Dal at home to discuss this week’s column!

Seriously, choose Cap's side.
Marvel Comics

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