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Releases for the week of                
June 1st, 2006

All New OHOTMU A to Z 5
Amazing Spider-Man 532
Books of Doom 6
Daughters of the Dragon 5
Fantastic Four 537 (2nd Print)
Halo Preview Book
Incredible Hulk 95
Iron Man the Inevitable 6
Punisher the Tyger
Runaways 16
Son of M 6
Storm 4
Thing 7
Ultimate Extinction 5
Ultimate Fantastic Four 30
Ultimate Fantastic Four 30 Land Sketch Incentive Cover
Ultimate Fantastic Four 30 Suydam Zombie Incentive Cover
Ultimate Spider-Man 95

52 Week 4
Action Comics 839
Batman 652 (2nd Print)
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 206
Blue Beetle 1 (3rd Print)
Blue Beetle 2 (2nd Print)
Crisis Aftermath the Spectre 1
Ion 2
Ion 1 (2nd Print)
JLA Classified 21
Superman Batman 26
Warlord 4

Lucifer 74

ABC A-Z Top Ten & Teams
Wraithborn 6

Age of Bronze 23
Alan Moore Hypothetical Lizard 4
Angel Spotlight Gunn
Angel Spotlight Gunn Incentive Cover A
Angel Spotlight Gunn Incentive Cover B
Apocalypse Nerd 3
Army of Darkness 7
Army of Darkness 7 Incentive Sketch Cover
Artesia Besieged 1
Battlestar Galactica 0 Photo Cover
Battlestar Galactica 0 Art Cover
Battlestar Galactica 0 incentive Cover
Chronicles of Wormwood Preview
Clive Barker’s Great and Secret Show 3
Clive Barker’s Great and Secret Show 3 Incentive Cover
Cobb Off the Leash 1
Cobb Off the Leash 1 incentive Cover
Deadworld 4
Doll & Creature 3
Emissary 1
Emo Boy 7
Fell 2 (3rd Print)
Fell 4 (2nd Print)
GI Joe vs. Transformers III #3 Art of War Cover A
GI Joe vs. Transformers III #3 Art of War Cover B
Gloomcookie 27
Godland 11
Hero Squared 1
Liberty Meadows 37
Local 5
Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty 6
Middleman vol. 2 #4
Mouse Guard 3
My Inner Bimbo 1
Painkiller Jane 2
Painkiller Jane 2 Incentive Cover
Queen & Country 30
Red Sonja 10
Red Sonja 10 Bezetiz Negative Incentive Cover
Red Sonja 10 Tan Negative Incentive Cover
Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom 4
Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom 4 Conrad Incentive Cover
Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom 4 Dell Otto Incentive Cover
Rising Stars Untouchable 4
Robotika 4
Savage Dragon 126
Sea of Red 10
Shonen Jump 43
Soulfire 7
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 5
Tarot 38 Cover A
Tarot 38 Cover B
Transformers Infiltration 5
Transformers Infiltration 5 Incentive Cover A
Transformers Infiltration 5 Incentive Cover B
Transformers Infiltration 5 Incentive Cover C
Uptight 1
War of the Worlds Second Wave 3
Warren Ellis Black Gas 3
Warren Ellis Black Gas 3 Gore Cover
Warren Ellis Black Gas 3 Terror Cover
Warren Ellis Black Gas 3 Wrap Cover
Zombies 1
Zombies 1 Incentive Cover

Dragonball Z vol. 26
Ju On vol. 2
Naruto vol. 10
Rurouni Kenshin vol. 27
Samurai Executioner vol. 10
Yu Gi Oh Duelist vol. 15

Abadazad vol. 1
Abadazad vol. 2
Essential OHOTMU Deluxe Ed. vol. 2
Five Fists of Science
Hero Squared
JLA vol. 19
Jon Sable Freelance: Bloodtrail
Night Trippers
Our Gang vol. 1
Sentinel vol. 3
Seven Soldiers of Victory vol. 3
Showcase Presents Haunted Tank vol. 1
Stagger Lee
Superman Cover to Cover HC
Superman Returns Movie Guide
Transformers Generation vol. 1 (IDW)
Wolverine Enemy of the State

Battlestar Galactica 5
Buffy 25
Buffy 25 Previews Exclusive Cover
Dreamwatch USA 20
Lee’s Toy Review 164
Scrye 98
WIZARD 177 Superman Movie Cover
WIZARD 177 Sin City 2 Cover

Betty 156
Pals N Gals Double Digest 103
Sonic X 9
Teen Titans Go 31

Marvel Select Spider Woman
Scarlet Spider Mini Bust
Sub Mariner Classic Statue
Sub Mariner Black Costume Statue
Superman Mini-Statue

Forgotten Realms Homeland
Ultimates 2 #12 Cover

...this week's huge waste of time...

Your online hosts W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER present the dumbest episode yet!  You should probably just skip it this week.


W. DAL: Hello?

PATRICK: Hello. Today we present to you a very special Grahamtagonism, in which W. Dal and I discuss our recent trip to Burbank, CA where we were guests at a very exclusive sneak preview of X-Men: The Last Stand. Dal, what was your favorite part of the movie?

W. DAL: For me, it was the point where Professor X tells Magneto that "The line must be drawn HERE! THIS FAR! NO FURTHER!" Seriously, chills.

PATRICK: Uh huh. Interesting. Let me follow with a question on everybody’s lips today; what happened to you yesterday?

W. DAL: Hey, look at the time. GRAHAMTAGONISM don't care about that jibber-jabber. What'd you think of this week's 52?

PATRICK: I see, so you ARE actively anticipating the coming reunion of D-Generation X?

W. DAL: I... what? What are you talking about?

PATRICK: But what about Michael and Walt? What happens to them?

W. DAL: I'd tell you, but then John Robinson and his wife would have to kill me.

PATRICK: Only if Superchunk tours this fall, which we both know is doubtful...

W. DAL: Am I missing some responses? What are you talking about?

PATRICK: Let's see... movies, TV, music, wrestling,  personal life... what's left? Oh, that's right... comics.


PATRICK: Just covering all the bases here. That's how thorough we are with Grahamtagonism.

PATRICK: Um, what are the six types?

W. DAL: Let's see... movies, TV, music, personal life, liquid and solid.

PATRICK: None of your poopy-cock! Jibber-jabber!!

PATRICK: Speaking of Jesus, let's talk some Loaded Bible!

W. DAL: Oh, sweet fightin' Christ, let's. It was awesome!

PATRICK: Seriously fun-filled. I'm no big fan of post-apocalyptic futures, but this version of the former-present was one I will actively go about ensuring.

PATRICK: And not just for the naked vampire girlies.

W. DAL: But be fair, that didn't hurt. This one reminded me a lot of Invincible, which overcomes the clichéd premise by committing so completely that you get sucked in. It's a book that takes itself seriously, but still has a sense of humor about the concept. A fine line, but the Seeleys, Kirkman and Bellegarde walk it well.

PATRICK: So well in fact that I'm proud to announce a sequel already in the works! Actually, I don't know why I'm so proud; I have nothing to do with it. We had the world-famous Mr. Tim Seeley out at the Chicago Loop store for a signing on Wednesday and his presence caused us to sell every last copy of the book. And I ordered a ton to have in stock for a while.

W. DAL: Oh, well aren't we fancy. "I'm Patrick Brower and I had Tim Seeley in for a signing!" "I sold out of his new book!" "Leprechauns carry me to work everyday on a unicorn-skin rug!" NO ONE'S IMPRESSED, BROWER!

PATRICK: Yer Mom was impressed last night.

W. DAL: Well, she's easily impressed. You've met Jimmy.

PATRICK: Oh, SUPER BURN, 2 weeks in a row!!

PATRICK: So, moving on from a good book to a baaaaaaaaaaad book, just how unnecessary was Fantastic Four: A Death In the Family?

W. DAL: More unnecessary than a Fantastic Four special that cost $4 and does nothing for the franchise. Oops! Sorry! That's actually the most unnecessary thing ever spawned by Marvel. And remember, this is the company that gave us the Captain Universe 5-week event...

PATRICK: Oh, so you have a problem with a lame, non-impacting story in a book that's more than 50% reprints?

PATRICK: Sometimes I wonder about your standards...

W. DAL: AND it's sold by Marvel with a b.s. "One of the FF will DIE!" tag. Liars! I know that beard is fake, Tom!

PATRICK: So many people thought it was an actual Civil War crossover. So many people were wrong. No one thought it would be good. Everyone was right.

W. DAL: It just reminds me of everything that was awful about Marvel circa 1993. Disgusting, unnecessary "Specials" and "Unlimiteds" that made sure that no one wanted to buy a Marvel comic for about 8 years. Remember?

PATRICK: Oh, how can I forget? I wake up vomiting some nights thinking about it, hoping it was all just a dream, yet my hands are still stained from ink and newsprint. I'm old enough to be set in my ways; how come that era didn't make you run screaming into the night?

W. DAL: I invested my youth and energy into comics and shared universes instead of education and girls, so it was already too late for me to abandon the SS Comic Book. Regrets? I've had my share...

W. DAL: But hey, wasn't Aztek worth it?

PATRICK: Financial? Yes. Just look in my basement. Time? No. I met the most important people in my life as a result of this job so it's all good. You know, like Rick, Jamie, Steve Wilson, Paula, etc.

PATRICK: Aztek WAS worth it. When is that trade coming out, DC?

W. DAL: Dude, I can't believe that the Scarlet Pat didn't make your list of shame. You guys were so close!

PATRICK: I actually was gonna put Purcell down, but there's just too many to name. *cough* *JasonNewey* *cough*

W. DAL: Alright, when this sucker starts to be a forum for more than just snide comments about comics and pop culture, it's time to wrap up. Closing thoughts?

PATRICK: Um, 4 Grahams! 


PATRICK: Oh, and 52 is still good.

W. DAL: Wow. Brutal. 
  9 Grahams for me. See you next week! Whoever you are! Maybe! Words to fill more space! Pancakes!

PATRICK: Wow, this was awful...

W. DAL: Yep. Thanks!

The Civil War behemoth lumbers on.
Marvel Comics

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