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Releases for the Week of                
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Amazing Spider-Girl #16
Amazing Spider-Man #547
Avengers Classic #8
Cable Deadpool #49
Immortal Iron Fist #12
Incredible Hercules #113
Incredible Hercules #113 (1 in 15) Incentive Cover
Kabuki Reflections #9
Marvel Comics Presents #5
New Exiles #1 Land Cover
New Exiles #1 Golden Cover
New Warriors #8
New X-Men #46
New X-Men #46 Incentive Cover
Penance Relentless #4
Ultimates 3 #1 (2nd Print)
Uncanny X-Men #493 (2nd Print)
Wolverine Origins #21
World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound #2
X-Men #205 (2nd Print)

Birds of Prey #114
Booster Gold #6
Catwoman #75
Catwoman #75 (1 in 10) Incentive Cover
Checkmate #22
Countdown Special New Gods
Countdown to Final Crisis #15
Flash #236
Justice League of America #17
Robin #170
Shadowpact #21

100 Bullets #87
American Virgin #22
DMZ #27

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #1 (2nd Print)
Programme #7
Wildstorm Revelations #2
World of Warcraft #3
World of Warcraft #1 (2nd Print)

76 #1
Amory Wars #5
Angel After the Fall #3 regular Cover
Angel After the Fall #3 (1 in 4)  Cover
Angel After the Fall #3 (1 in 10) Urru Incentive Cover
Angel After the Fall #3 (1 in 25) Robinson Incentive Cover
Angel After the Fall #2 (2nd Print)
Atomic Robo #4
Bloodrayne Automaton Cover A
Bloodrayne Automaton Cover B
Boneyard #27
Cemetary Blues #1
Dominion #4
Fallen Angel #23
Fallen Angel #23 (1 in 10) Woodward Incentive Cover
Fear Agent #18 Hatchet Job #2
Fell #9
Graveslinger #3
Grendel Behold the Devil #3
Groo Hell on Earth #3
Hawaiian Dick #2
Ninja High School #156
Resurrection #2
Spawn #174
ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #1 Cover A
ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #1 Cover B
ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #1 (1 in 10) Virgin Incentive Cover
Stranded #1 Cover A
Stranded #1 Cover B
Strange Embrace #8
Steve Niles Strange Cases #3
Sword #4
Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma Panchatantra
Transformers Devastation #4 Cover A
Transformers Devastation #4 Cover B
Transformers Devastation #4 (1 in 20) Incentive Cover
Two Guns #5
Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #5
Witchblade #113 Choi Cover A
Witchblade #113 Basri Cover B
Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons #2
Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons #2 (1 in 10) Wood Incentive Cover

Case Closed vol. 21

Bone Color Ed. Vol. 7 HC
Bone Color Ed. Vol. 7 SC
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Volume 1 HC
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Volume 1 SC

Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus
Doom Patrol vol. 6 Planet Love
Escape Of The Living Dead Resurrection
Essential Marvel Saga vol. 1
Fight for Tomorrow
Harley Quinn Preludes & Knock Knock Jokes HC
Heroes for Hire vol. 3 World War Hulk
House of M HC
Hulk The End HC
Hulk The End HC Variant Cover
Last Musketeer by Jason
Modern Masters vol. 15 Mark Schultz
Pin Up Art of Dan DeCarlo vol. 2
Thunderbolts by Ellis vol. 1 SC
X-Factor Madrox Multiple Choice HC

Alter Ego #75
Back Issue #26
Comics Buyers Guide #1639
CSI Magazine #2
Heroes #2 Newsstand Cover
Heroes #2 Previews Cover
Star Wars Insider #99
Star Wars Insider #99 Previews Cover
Video Watchdog #136
Witchblade Anime Insider #53

Betty #171
Fantastic Four Power Pack Digest
Iron Man Power Pack #3
Jughead & Friends Digest #26
Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #10
MA Avengers #20
MA Spider-Man #35
Nancy Drew vol. 12
Pals N Gals Double Digest #118
Scooby Doo #128
Simpsons Comics #138
Sonic the Hedgehog #184

Ame Comi Batgirl Vinyl Figure
Ame Comi Catwoman Vinyl Figure
Marvel Legends Ultimate Wolverine Variant Figure
Marvel Minimates Taskmaster & USAgent 2-Pack

New Release List Glossary

INCENTIVE COVER = A cover that is more rare than a regular cover.  For example, a “1 in 10” Incentive means that for every 10 regular covers there is 1 of the Incentive cover available.  Prices vary depending on the rarity of the Incentive.

VARIANT COVER = A cover that is printed in an equal ratio to the regular cover.  For example, "Captain America: The Chosen" has 2 covers for each issue, printed in a 1-for-1 ratio.  For every Charest drawn cover there is a Brewister-drawn cover. 

HC = Hardcover

SC = Softcover

(2nd PRINT) = A previously released comic that has been reprinted by the publisher after their initial print run has sold out.  Usually has a different cover than the first printing.

(3rd PRINT) = Same as above, only printed after the 2nd Printing has sold out from the publisher.

MMW = Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material.

ARCHIVE = DC Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material.

ESSENTIAL = Marvel Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper.

SHOWCASE = Showcase Presents..., DC Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper.

MA = Marvel Adventures, Marvel Comics' all-ages accessible line of comics and digests.

ROBIN #170
DC Comics

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